How to get resources quickly in Dragons of Atlantis.

Dragons of Atlantis is an iOS game that revolves mostly around resources and managing time. As a beginner, you may make a mistake or two that will slow down your progress a lot. To get resources quickly you need to spend the first day of the game getting your town build so that resources come in regularly. There are 5 major resources in Dragons of Atlantis. Wood, Stone, Metal, Food and Gold. Food is the easiest resource to come by so we will not worry about food. Metal and wood are harder to come by. Metal is the resource used the most on unit production and it’s generally the only resource I have a hard time getting enough of.
In the resource view you need to build 4 mines. Mines help produce metal. Upgrade each mine to at least level 4 or 5. You will also need to make 3 quarries for stones and 3 lumber mills to get wood. These need to be level 4 or 5 as well. You do not need to make but 1 farm. You will get food faster than you can use it once you begin to attack Anthropus camps.

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The first day of playing concentrates on getting these buildings. Also, research each of the research paths to increase production of metal, stone and wood. I would research to level 2 or 3 at least.

As soon as you have these buildings you can begin to make your army. Attack wilderness areas that give metal and wood. These will be the hardest resources to keep in stock. As soon as you have a decent army size begin attacking level 1 Anthropus camps. You will get a ton of food from each attack.

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