How to Get Noticed By Employers

Employers are constantly seeking new candidates to fill their open positions. If you are looking for a job it pays off to have these employers find you on their own without you searching for them or even knowing they exist. So how can you make that happen?

The first thing you should do is join some of the job search websites that exist out there and upload your resume and make it public. This way employers will be able to find your resume and contact you directly, via email or phone, about the positions they are looking to fill without you even knowing about them or applying to them on your own.

Before you upload your resume make sure that you have keywords inside it that relate to the jobs that you are looking to find. By including keywords in your resume you increase your chances of being found by employers as they do a keyword search when looking for potential candidates for their positions on these job search sites. They even do a keyword search when they receive resume submissions for their open positions whether it’d be on a job search website they posted an ad on or emailed directly to them. So if you have those keywords you have a bigger shot of your resume being looked at and reviewed.

If you have relevant experience then include these keywords in the experience section of your resume. If you don’t have experience relevant to that particular job you are trying to find then see if you can include these keywords in the summary section or in the objective section of your resume. Remember though, if you plan on including these keywords in your summary or objective sections make sure they fit into what you are writing there. Don’t just list the keywords or stick them in there without it making sense. If you do that your resume will be sloppy and unprofessional.

What you can also do if you can’t find a place to include these keywords on your resume is place them in the header of your resume and make them white in color. They won’t be visible on your resume, hence not hindering the quality of the resume, but will have your resume come up in the search for those keywords as they exist in your resume. This especially useful when you submit your resume to these companies directly.

When it comes to placing your resume online to the job search websites the two sites to consider for this are CareerBuilder and Monster. These are two of the top job search sites. Employers not only use these sites to post about their open positions but they also use these sites to look for potential candidates. They frequently do a keyword search based on the positions they are trying to fill and the requirements they are looking for in a candidate. If you have these on your resume and/or in your profile then you are more likely to be found and contacted for a possible job opportunity that may even result in you getting hired.

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  1. … and always make sure that you don’t go to scam sites… always remember.. if the offer is unbelievable.. 80% it’s fake

  2. Job Search websites for me may be stagnant but helpful on the long run. I just received a call from a company who is interested in my service because of a job search website.


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