How to Get Her (or him) Back

Love, the second time around...
Love, the second time around…

Do you believe in the saying that love is sweeter the second time around?  Are you the type of person that goes back to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?  Or are you the type of person that once the relationship is over, there is no going back?  If you are the former, well, we are the same and this article is for you.

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I have been in several relationships already but it was just with one person that I want to go back to.  How did I get my partner back?  It was not that easy especially that it was my fault why the two of us parted ways in the first place but after pursuing for a month or two, we got back together and still is.

Here are the tips:

  • Know what went wrong – It is important to know what happened to the relationship.  Know why it gone sour.  If there was a third party involved, think of why the Third Party entered the picture.  This is not the time to point fingers but at least acknowledge what had happened and think of a way to fix it and prevent the reason why the relationship ended from surfacing.
  • Wooing – Honestly, this is my favorite part in running after an ex.  It is like going back to the time where the two of you were just dating.  It is like going back to the past where the two of you are still shy with one another but want to be with each other all the time.  Gifts are a factor too.  I am not saying your ex-lover is a materialistic person but what I am saying through gifts, it shows effort.  The gift does not have to be expensive.  You can just make it at home like a scrapbook of your old pictures together when things were still fine between the two of you.  You can also cook his or her favorite dish.  You can buy his or her favorite dessert from your favorite coffee shop or bake shop.  These may be simple but the fact that you still remember the things that made him or her smile says a lot.
  • Don’t be Pushy – Like what I have mentioned earlier, getting back together is like courting the person therefore there will be times that you might be rejected.  If you get turned down, don’t show your disappointment.  Most importantly, don’t get mad at her or him because he or she has every right to decline you.
  • Respect – When getting back together with an ex-partner, there will be some rules.  Like for example, the reason why the two of you broke up is because you can’t control your temper and you have the tendency to wreck things.  If the two of you will try to work the relationship again, you should learn how to control your temper.  It might be hard at first but it is something that you need to do if you really want to work this out.
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4 thoughts on “How to Get Her (or him) Back”

  1. if the person doesn’t like me, i don’t make effort of taking him/her back. In my mind, I have shown you who I am already, so if you don’t like me. the heck. LOL

    • That’s true. But what if it was your fault (e.g. third party) and you realized that you’ve made a mistake? I’m sure you want to get back together. 🙂

      • If it is my fault.. I will apologize with all sincerity. Again, the same thought that I have, if I apologize and this person don’t accept… I will understand.. stand and leave… Wait for the time to heal the wounds inflicted by me or the other person… and if still friendship sparks.. only time will tell.

  2. It’s actually hard to get back into the relationship once trust has been compromised. BUT, if both are willing to change for the better and are open in talking about each other’s faults, then maybe,it’s worth another try.


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