How to get a good date

First of all, you must know that getting a new date is not something impossible! You don’t have to be afraid of it.

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So, how will you get the ultimate date:

1) You have to show to your date a confidence- it will help the other partner feel safer with you and by that, he/she will like you more.

2) Do not neglect yourself- be prepared with a good look for your date, it will change the whole atmosphere!

3) Be nice to your partner- if you’ll be nice to your partner, she/he will feel closer to you and won’t be afraid of you or even hate you!

4) A good smell- a good smell will be a special bonus for the date because it will be nicer to talk with you and with that, the date will be more successful.

5) And the last tip- don’t be afraid to kiss your partner on the first date, don’t kiss him/her if you feel that this is not the right time, but if you feel like that your date wants to kiss you, don’t afraid to do that, it could be amazing!




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