How To Get A Girlfriend: 5 Tips That Will Help You A Lot

Has it been months since your last romantic relationship? You haven’t seen your buddies because they’re all with their girlfriends and you spend your days at home wondering if you’ll ever find the ideal girl.

Is this your case?

jealous guy romantic relationship girlfriend boyfriend couple flirting dating love

Wake up friend!

The ideal girl is just a myth, to have a girlfriend is not as hard as you think, I mean it’s not like you need to ask every girl you know if she wants to hang out with you, no!

First you need to “scratch” into the personality of a group of girls in order to choose “the one” (not only women choose).


-Why do you need to “scratch” a little bit?

Imagine this: there’s a group of female friends that you see more or less daily (may be in school or at work)

With that daily but ephemeral contact you’re not gonna get to know them well, you need to go out with them to know which’s the one that makes you feel comfortable, which’s of them laughs a lot with you without you even trying, which one has more odds of having a lasting relationship with you.

jealous guy romantic relationship girlfriend boyfriend couple flirting dating love work school

Believe me, say “Hi” every day with a kiss on the cheek is not going to lead anywhere. So, take a look at this tips and soon you’ll be walking by the hand of a girl.

  1.  Do somethguy looking good dressing well fashionable handsomeing for yourself.

If all your friends that have a girlfriend have something in common: they smell good, dress well and have a white smile, what does this tell you?

Women can date very ugly guys, I don’t know why or how but they can, you probably know a pretty girl dating a guy that you just don’t know how he did to get her. But! This doesn’t mean it’s allowed to dress like a beggar, do something for your personal appearance, the chances are greatly increased when you have a good lotion and you bathe daily.


  1. Increase your humoristic skills

This is told by a person that actually looks good, has it helped me to have many girls? No! What has worked a lot more is the fact to make them laugh. Women also are self-conscious with a handsome man, as well as you think a beautiful woman will probably be rude they also think the same! so regardless of how you look you need to demonstrate that you have an attractive personality and to prove that they can have a good time with you, a “you talk me first” attitude will not lead anywhere.

TIP: Watch a lot of Stand-Up comedy, your brain will catch something

  1. Give it a chance to social networks

    relationship network internet facebook twitter flirting skype messenger couple

When I was single I met around 10 different women thanks to Live Messenger and Facebook, it’s a slow process, but it is understandable, if you open a conversation to an unknown woman you must earn her trust first (and prove you’re not a serial murderer) and then you meet in person! I am currently married to a girl I met in Live Messenger and boy it was difficult because she was very shy at first.


  1. It’s not about the money

I don’t care which car you drive, or how much money you carry in your wallet, my advice is: do not try to impress her with this, it works with rich hunters, but believe me, they are not going to really love you, if you have a Ferrari leave it at home (at least at the beginning), don’t even let her know how much you earn at first, if she’s going to be with you it must be for who you are and how she feels when you’re together.

  1. You must be willing to looseflirting hanging out couple romance love girlfriend boyfriend

As a man you have to take the first step (almost always), with my wife it took me years to ask her to be my girlfriend, my excuse: I didn’t want to lose our friendship. Until I was willing to lose her as a friend we started being a couple, I couldn’t wait anymore, we would be together or I had to stop wasting my time, and only then I realized that she was waiting for that moment for a lot of time, if you want things to happen: make them happen! Otherwise you’ll just have friends.


Other advices include things like: do not call her drunk at midnight, if you’re a smoker avoid to smoke in front of her unless she smokes too, do not mention your ex-girlfriends and if you do tell a sad story that you’re trying to forget, do not let her know you’re seeing other girls (in case you are), don’t stare at her lips every time, and stuff like that, but I think that following your common sense and this tips will lead you to a romantic and succesfull relationship with someone that will value you.

Trust me: once they say “Yes” you feel like “Hey… it wasn’t that hard”.


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Jesus Baray

I'm the creator of a One Man Band called Instrumentalism with over 70 instrumental covers on YouTube, recently gratuated from college, also certificated by Harvard as a Manage Mentor, what else does someone writes here? I'm married, dogs lover, spiders hater, movies fan, skinny handsome guy, I don't go to nightclubs I preffer an outside picnic, a live show, a party at home etc.

18 thoughts on “How To Get A Girlfriend: 5 Tips That Will Help You A Lot”

  1. live show at home??? hahaha oh well I just read your profile.. I agree you are handsome.. were these your steps to get your wife now? good job!

    • Hey! Thanks a lot pretty lady, BTW yeah, this steps helped me a lot, well I had to learn the tip about the money with her, I was trying to impress her that way until I realized how ridiculous it was. Thanks a lot for your comment =)

      • i don’t understand about the money tips… what was ridiculous.. your tips? LOL. I don’t understand.. i think my brain is still sleeping

        • What would you think of a guy that’s only trying like… to give you the
          message “look girl, I have money, I can buy you stuff” Instead of
          showing you that he has a great personality? That’s basically my tip: you can’t
          buy love (or friendships).

          • She thought
            I was trying to buy her, like if she was a possession, she gave me a lesson the
            day she showed me that she was with me because everything but the money.

          • so she’s still the woman you marry? but how about the lesson about the money… are you telling me she marries you because of your money?

          • No no no, when we started dating I was so inmature about this topic, with her I’ve learned a lot about love, that thing (the money topic) was one of the lessons I learned from this relationship, I forgive myself because as men we try to impress our girl (but that’s not the way).

  2. Sometimes, just being natural is all you need. Some guys can be just so lucky that without putting much effort, they get to be noticed. It’s not something with what you own. There is just this factor that would make someone get attracted to you.

    • I have friends like that, I call them “naturals” because they don’t even know what they do but they manage to attract women, unfortunately a big percent of men are not naturals, and that’s when this tips can help (I think).

        • Some of them are ego-maniacs, others consider it a gift and use it to attract the girl they like. BTW some ego-maniacs manage to hang with pretty attractive girls and I just don’t know how, their personality sucks.

  3. The best thing any guy can do is just be yourself. If it is the right girl for you, she will like you the way you are. Do not change for anyone, you are not being true to yourself. being true to yourself and improving yourself are important. We all go through changes but do it for yourself not for anyone else.

    • Exactly! If she show a fake personality to someone we’d like to date then he/she might be disappointed after knowing who we really are. Lies are not advisable.


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