How to forgive and heal

For some of you this question might seem awkward.  If that is your case I have to say congratulations and you should be proud of you.

However, if someone has hurt you and there is still a wound to heal from your past due to a bad experience, these short words may be useful:

  1. Forgiving does not mean to ignore or act as if nothing has happened.  It does not stop you from being a victim in some cases and ask for justice.
  2. The act of forgiving is not a grace you give to others: when you forgive you also liberate yourself from the suffering of thinking about the past.
  3. The first step of forgiving is to accept what has happened.  It does not mean to justify the offense but to understand the facts and how things happened.
  4. Try not blaming yourself or kept stuck on the ‘what would happen if I have’ thinking.  We cannot control the past and we all have this present

And finally, try to think about your present.  You cannot solve whatever has happened in your past but you can learn from it and find how you can be stronger and wiser and also how to build a better future for you and your loved ones.

10 thoughts on “How to forgive and heal”

  1. When someones hurts us, it is like impossible to forgive. But sometime, time is the only key to be able to heal the wound. I may forgive to some extent, but it is hard to totally forget what has happened.

    • I know it is hard. I have felt this way too. But we always have to remember as I said before that we don’t do it because of the person but because forgiving is the only way to cure yourself and not to feel the pain when looking to the past

  2. This is the aspect of my life that I need time to tell if I can forgive or not, I guess it depends on the extent or level of pain that brought to me of a certain person or situation.

    • Yes it is not easy to forgive but it is the only way one can heal the internal pain from the past and be a better, wiser person

  3. forgiving is hard especially when the spoken words keep replaying in the mind but life has to go on

      • I also understand. The damage is done but forgiveness it is the only way one can heal and go on. You get the experience and next time you will be wiser but forgiveness is the only way you can find peace


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