How to find jobs when you are over age?

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Most of the companies nowadays emphasize on age range when hiring new employees.   Booo hooo for those who are a bit well let’s say.. ahmmm… over age.    If you are in your 30s to 40s will you stop looking for a job?  Will you just stay home and knit?  Will you just be sitting in your rocking chair and wait for the time you will be called in heaven?  Ahhhmmm…  don’t you think you are still desirable and very much able?  Can’t you do what others can do anymore?   I am sure you still CAN.  I am sure you are still upbeat and hip.  So, what are you waiting for, search for the job now and be productive.  Age is just a number… Don’t stop from aspiring employment  or for a career change.

These are a few suggestions on how you would be able to go with the flow.

Revise your resume or curriculum vitae.

  • Work Experiences:  Highlight the skills you did from the previous employments.  Flaunt your capabilities and abilities.   Scrap the dates of employment but not the previous companies.  If your employment history is well written stressing on the good points such as your main job description and how well you did it, the employer will not be interested when it happened. Don’t include jobs from the past that has no relevance to the work you are presently eyeing.   Let’s say,  you are applying for Purchasing Assistant Manager, you may not include the clerical job you got 20 years ago.  Remove all work experiences not irrelevant to the job opening.


  • Educational Background:  Just like the work experiences you may just highlight the highest educational attainment and may not include the year when you graduated.   You may also include there the title of the Thesis you have written and the commendation you received in your field of studies.   But I don’t think citing that you were a Prom Queen may do good in your application.


  • Techie Savy:  You may want to include your activities in the net or your computer skills.  You know old people re stereo typed that they are cyberphobic and has zero knowledge in the new technologies.  You may include in your resume your blogging sites and you are a member of   Who knows you might get viewership or better recruit them to be a member, too.  There is no problem sharing that you are very “in” in the computer world, unless, there is something there that my hamper your opportunity to be hired.


  • Dress to impress.   Wear appropriate clothes that won’t appear that you snatched clothes from an 18-year old daughter with a pick-a-boo on the cleavage and ruffles hemline or neither don’t wear clothes that will make you look “grandma”.   Wear the safest and simplest one, suit.  Not too trendy neither too old looking, just dress to impress.


  • During the interview don’t over share your stories.  Answer only what is asked.  Answer straight forward.  Show the young interviewer that you are willing to be trained if necessary.   Convey the message that you are not a threat that will do the job on your way.   Make them feel relaxed that you can take directions from them.

And the one last…

  •  smile and be confident.


Always keep in mind that,  if they can, why can’t you.. you are not senile yet, are, you.. so there is no harm in trying, who knows, at the end of the day, you might  bag the position.  Good luck.  (*winks)

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53 thoughts on “How to find jobs when you are over age?”

    • I am sure if the credentials are OK and the applicant will prove that he can still work he may be given a chance. but of course those overage like, 50s and 60s it is a very slim chance because they are close to retiring already.

      • That’s true, so age does matter, to an extent, but there’s a lot to be said for experience in teaching, too. So, get that Masters!

  1. In the Philippines, it’s so hard for over aged people to get employment, unless very much qualified for the job.

    • i understand the dilemma in the PHilippines, that’s why I chose a profession that will give me employment at least until I am 45 years old and that is teaching. Anyway, I think there is no impossible if a person will just try. There is no harm in trying anyway.

      • Hi,
        I don’t think there’s a more important job than teaching and our state (CT, USA) seems to agree, because the starting pay is over $50,000 USA per year, with regular raises and they do have a union.
        This is not the same in “every” state and I do think we’re the highest paid state for educators. That’s not to say we have the “best”, we don’t, which is sad.

        You’re right, though, there is no harm in trying @Mavic

  2. Here in our country just like what @simplewoman2:disqus said it is hard to find a job if you reach in 30’s, thanks to the new bill pass to congress protecting all over age job hunters. So the best thing we should do is to gather skills and expertise while we are getting older in preparation because that is only the greater chance of all over age job seekers to compete the younger generation.

    • Yes I heard that news.. thanks to that and at least those a bit aged people will still have a chance of employment.

      I don’t lose hope though that even over age people can still get an employment.. hmm am I just idealistic?

      • I feel the same and this is one thing that I don’t understand for some companies here in our country. For me an employee belongs to 30 and above are more responsible and dedicated to their work.

        • i hope the bill will be approved and amended the soonest possible time. and I agree with you the 30ish and above are more responsible and they also know the value of work, that’s why they will keep on holding on to it.. (which some of the employers are not seeing)

  3. Reaching the age of 30 or 40 may have been difficult to find a job then. But BPOs now accept even those who are in their 50’s or 60’s. The only thing is that the work in a BPO may not be as pleasant for them considering their age. And I guess, the best would be to start a small business instead by using the skills that one knows.

    I am over 40 and although working for the BPO has been an option for me, I would rather find other means to earn aside from online gigs, I do work at my sister in law’s office and I am very thankful that she trusted me to be part of her business and I just endlessly look for other means like being a PA for a friend in his business and several other things.

    • I admit that 30s to 40ish applicants have a very slim chance of employment. but I think if they eyeing for a bit higher position (based on their work experience and qualifications) probably there is a tint chance of employment.

      what is BPO? that’s interesting..

        • ahhh glad to know that they accept a bit aged applicants. never tried to be a call center agent in my life..

          • I never dreamed of landing a job in that office, but it was something that I had to do for a change….been tied up with the pharmacy for 10 years and felt that there was no more challenge with the work. The only challenge left for me that time was dealing with my annoying brother in law! LOL

          • at least you got away with the routine job .. if too routine, we lose our interest and we don’t intend to have self improvement.

            at least you survived your brother in law hahaha

          • Oh my! It is something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life! LOL It’s a bit crazy being around him really.

          • hahaha ok then you know him better.. and welcome back,.. I am sure that your sanity is still intact? Isn’t it?

          • Oh yes! I have battled against all the demons! LOL I need to keep my sanity intact for my 4 kids. If it weren’t for them, I might not have been here, really. 🙁

          • whaaaaat.. i can imagine what you felt during that time, and I don’t like to be put in your place… you are a warrior… and yes you survived him, sane and still beautiful yepeeeeeeee

          • hahaha! I had to keep that mask to keep my sanity and for my parents not to worry about me. I don’t want to hurt them.

          • i glad the “mask” has invented, yes, that would have done great to y our sanity and the people around you… what important is, you are now on your own and you survived…

          • And I think I have made a lot of people go insane themselves whey they were not able to tip me off from keeping my sanity! LOL All I had to do was to have a great picture of my kids in my thoughts and I was fine.

          • now it is not just the power of the mask but also the power of the “happy thoughts” wheeeeeeee

  4. Over here, 30’s and 40’s is still a young age. I applied for, and got, my last job when I was 51. It was at a job fair and I was hired on the spot, although there were many other applicants. Your tips are very accurate. I dressed professionally, had an excellent resume and was straightforward with the interviewer. No small talk. I also smiled and oozed confidence. hahaha But now, at a much older age and the company closing, I find it much more difficult to find a job. 🙁

    • well like what other said, in the PHilippines finding a job at that age would be a problem unless the applicant has an excellent work experiences. and in the field of education, I think it would be easier, at least for me. as I did also what has been said in that article, at least 80% of it. thanks.. it is okay it is now for you to relax and just enjoy online earning, you are an excellent writer and you can earn so much from that skill.

      • You picked a good profession. There will always be a need for educators. Writing – thanks. 🙂 But without a degree and/or a portfolio it’s hard to make a decent living by writing. I only know how to write because I come from a literary family. It seems that it would be a good living – online writing – until you try it. But I know what an optimist you are and that’s refreshing.

        • i did not choose to be a teacher really, not in my wildest dream. but maybe this is my fate. I really wish to work 8 hours a day and after work go out and have a fun night, but it did not happen lol. teaching is almost a 24 hour job. sometimes, if I thought of something at the middle at the night I stand up and either write or type.. i will surely forget it. hahahaha s

          now I know why you write so well, and having a literary family is an encouragement, Of course for a friend, I can even hire a set of cheerleaders so that I can have them in front of your house just to cheer you up.

          • @Mavic But I think it worked out well for you. Your dedication speaks volumes. The world needs good teachers. I’ve done the 8 hours a day and fun afterwards bit. And I did love it. But now I’m back to square one, only this time I’m much older. 🙁

            haha Yes, in my family good grammar was a must. While other kids were being taught to share I was being taught the proper way to speak. To this day I never share my toys. hahaha I don’t know how to play nice either. But I can write about it very well. hehehe

          • lol.. i think I can only enjoy the after work treat after I finish all my obligations at home. have to prioritize first.

            Us? my parents were good english speakers.. you know World War iII veterans. my mother was half Spanish.. eheeeeem.. I wish I inherited her spanish looking feature. But both of them did not finish school. But my mother used to say, that a 13 year old child during their time can already teach English.

            Should I say I wish I inherited her communication skills? lOl

          • Lucky you. I never had many obligations. No wonder I’m so irresponsible. : /

            Things were so much better, I think, in our parent’s time. I would rather have lived back then than now. Both your parents were quite accomplished.

            Your communication skills are very good. I think you did inherit them. 🙂

          • lol your fate is different from mine. hahaha so it is just okay past is past and let us face the present.

            Thanks for saying good words about my parents. Yes, they both did say “mission accomplished” lol.

          • You know how I am about the past. It’s useless to try and convince me otherwise. : /

            And they could also have said “Job well done”. 🙂

          • lol. I am not convincing you . People at your age have the mind of your own. and you will not be questioned anymore to the decisions you have made. and making. You are full of experiences that make your decision more or less right. (based on your experience)

          • i am blushing… i am so embarrassed..

            i hope, i hope, now I have to try hard to be a remarkable person… it is a challenge for me.

          • @mavic123456:disqus You don’t have to try, you already are. You’ve helped me – that in itself is remarkable, I thought I was beyond help. hahaha

          • lol we are like just like crazy.. we just keep on playing throw and catch .. ok fine.. remarkable.. I am.. whoo hooooooooot.. thanks..

            now can I have my chocolate cake pleaseeeeee..

          • @mavic123456:disqus Chocolate cake? hahaha Come over tonight and I’ll make you one. 🙂

      • @katinhat Yes, it’s a harsh reality trying to get by in today’s crumbling economies. Thankfully, the internet provides a little relief for some. As for me, I done looking for a job. I’ll stick to cyber drifting. 🙂

  5. I respectfully disagree with one point “only”. Every company that I’ve applied at, has wanted to know the dates (to and from) that I was employed, even if the company was out of business. But this is the states too, not other country’s.

    • ohh that’s too bad.. but it is just fine, if you can just show your credentials and capability. I think it is also a must for everyone, to at least improve ourselves. I mean, if we are already getting old, at least we improve our level of maturity, education and so on… we should not be stuck to what we have now and think that it will be forever our job.


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