How to Engage in Basket-Making Business

So many years ago, I moonlighted as a supplier of handicrafts, particularly rattan baskets for a local exporter.

My friend invited me to join her business venture, where we get orders from direct exporters overseas, and we were the ones supplying the finished products. It was not just the typical rattan wicker basket that we use as container of goods we bought from the wet market, but different kinds of baskets like floral baskets, hampers, decorative wicker baskets shaped like swan or duck, fruit basket, etc.

The finished products were sent to different countries abroad after it had undergone quality control.

Here are the steps on how to become a supplier, based on our experience:

  • Get orders or purchase order from the exporter
  • Get the specifications, the materials to be used, size, quantity, etc.
  • Get the target date of delivery
  • Go to the supplier of raw materials, though today I think it is hard to get rattan wickers due to dwindling resources and government restrictions, but other available materials could be used like bamboo splits, twisted vines, coconut husks, coconut shells, and other forest products.
  • Go to the basket makers, or just supply materials to your workers if you are employing them. They are paid based on the number of baskets they made.
  • Specify the target date of delivery of the baskets to the exporter. Do the final quality control before you get it from the basket weavers/makers. Be strict with the specifications or your basket will be rejected by the exporter. Sometimes, it could be repaired to meet the specifications.
  • After the baskets were received by the exporter, he will issue a check payment for the orders.
  • Ask for another order if there is any.

Have at least three or four exporters so that you can get many orders. It is easier now to transact with exporters because it could be done online, unlike in the past when we had to commute from the province to Metro Manila where the exporters were based, just to get the orders.


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10 thoughts on “How to Engage in Basket-Making Business”

    • It was some years ago, @mavic123456:disqus, I just gave it up due to the demands of my other work.There was also a problem of scarcity of materials like rattan.Thanks for your comment.

      • ahhh yes, if only those who took those rattans replaced them .. we will not have problems with scarcity. tsk tsk tsk

  1. This may just be a craft to many but in times of emergency, knowing how to do this can be a great help.

    • Yes,it is a great help if one knows how to make such craft like baskets,even for own small business, one can sell it locally.Thanks, @Irene Nevins.

  2. This is a good business, I do hope this kind of business continuously boom because it is great help to all our Kababayan lives in province. I just observed when I visited to my hometown last April crafts businesses lessen.

    • Maybe because there is scarcity of raw materials. Our forests have dwindling resources due to massive deforestation. Thanks for your comment, @disqus_dqdRGzpeIO:disqus.

      • Yes I agree, one of the factor why this kind of business soon to vanish. And that makes me sad because it helps a lot to all our Kababayan lives in province. I am hoping our government do something about this instead of putting the fund to their own pocket.


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