How To Encourage Your Children to Find A Hobby

In this era you can barely find children with hobbies or other pastimes than the computer, Ipad, Iphone, playstation or XBox. Seems like children find this more entertaining. Those who can’t afford ones are actually the lucky ones. They don’t know it yet because they think they need those electronic gadgets. I don’t know if  I got the names or spelling right because I don’t have those either.

In my time we had hobbies like collecting. making scrapbook and even fixing the photo albums with labels and info on them. Girls tried crafts, making jewelry, accessories and crochet or even knitting. I did before and it was fulfilling to see your projects on the table or being displayed.

Here are some tips that maybe will work and maybe will help parents get their children to get interested on other things.

  • Find out the interests of your child besides the computer. maybe he likes music. Introduce him to the piano or guitar or even the violin.
  • Set a time schedule for the use of the electronic gadgets, be strict and make sure they finish their school work first.
  • During the weekend allow bonding time. Limit the use of the gadgets, plan a picnic or outing with the family.
  • Introduce them to the different board games. Some may not even know those games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, checkers and other Board games. Maybe they will find it fun and exciting.
  • You can give prizes for winners in the board games like a piece of chocolate, or exempting them 1 night from chores or something they want. it will motivate them to learn the game and how to win it.
  • Bond with your child like a mother can teach her daughter how to cook, crochet or even the making of Loom bands
  • Fathers can have their son help with cleaning the car or garden. Play basketball with them.

Introduce them to the outdoors. There are a lot of overweight children now and even adults. We seem to have forgotten the thrill of real physical activities. Don’t discourage them if they ask about something they want to learn. if you can afford it, let them try.

Explain to them the advantages and disadvantages of having hobbies but concentrate more on the good points. Maybe they just need more explanation and understanding of everything.

Technology is good but there should be a balance. Too much of anything is bad and also too little of anything can also be bad. So balance the time your child for studies, TV, Using electronic devices and also a time for outdoors and other hobbies. Teach them to be responsible. Their minds should be rested and too much radiation can be bad for the health and eyes.

So again before doing anything, explain to them and be strict in your decision. It won’t work if you give in to their demands and tears. Just think that it will be good for them and make them a more well rounded person, not just all techie. Children need more exercise and variety.

These are just some tips and suggestions, it may or may not work but you can modify the methods.


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2 thoughts on “How To Encourage Your Children to Find A Hobby”

  1. good tips ma’am… those board games are excellent…. and also variety of games should be introduced to them.

  2. That’s right, parents should spare some time to motivate and guide their children instead of leaving them most of the time in the company of their electronic gadgets.


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