How To Earn More Extra Cash At D2D

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If you haven’t heard how simply it is to earn at Day2Daytips, then you are missing out on extra online cash.  But this is no get-rich quick scheme!  In fact, it requires dedication and commitment.  But that does not mean it is difficult.  Online writing and online earning could not get easier than D2D.  But if you do not know how to maximize earnings here are D2D, your time might be a little harder – and even during that time, you will still earn.  But why earn trickles when you can get more.  Consider these online earning tips and maximize your earning potential at D2D.

Follow the rules

Make no mistake about it, Day2Day is a wonderful site and it will give you extra income when you FOLLOW THE RULES.  Like any other online community, rules are set so that there will be order.  Therefore, take the time to read the rules!  Anything from what is acceptable down to what can get your account deleted.  When we follow the rules we are assured that our Tips and our account stay safe.  So for those who want to keep their online earnings at the maximum, follow the rules.  I think this first tip cannot be stressed enough.

Join in the contest and D2D opportunities

Apart from earning from your tips, D2D comes out with contests every now and then.  Joining these contests does not just allow you to get extra cash but you get other members to know who you are.  Remember that this is a community.  We thrive on connections that we have and when more people know you here and outside D2D, you can get higher views. When you join contests, other members get to notice you.

Moreover, D2D continues to find ways for its members to earn extra cash online.   So stay tuned to additional earning opportunities that are offered to D2D members.  remember, D2D is more than just a writing and blogging platform.  it is a safe place to earn extra online cash.

Write relevant tips

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As yo may observe, there are some tips that get more views than others.  One reason for this is the importance of writing relevant tips.  You may want to research on the most searched topics.  These topics gain a lot of views because many people around the world are looking for updated and relevant information on these topics.  When you take the time to research topics and include information that can be validated, you can earn the readers’ trust and expect them to look for more information from you.

Another important strategy is to update your previous tips.  You may want to see if the information you’ve written is still relevant.  Otherwise, you run the risk of turning your work into a forgettable article.  Instead, regularly edit and update your content so that they remain fresh and relevant to the readers.

SEO Counts A lot

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I am pretty sure you’ve heard about Search Engine Optimization.  This is a buzz word when it comes to online writing so I won’t go into details.  However, allow me to stress that writing online is not the same as writing offline.  To maximize earnings from your online work, you need to have an SEO-friendly Tip.  Moreover, it would be a good idea to check out Google’s keyword planner so you can choose the most appropriate keywords for your Tip.  The right topics can get you half way.  The rest of the journey will take more effort.  One of which is writing a Tip that is SEO ready.

Niche marketing

Think of your Tips as a product that you need to sell.  You need to sell it to the right people otherwise you won’t see any progress.  Many successful online writers target a particular group of people and concentrate on them.  I know a writer to focuses on arts and crafts and get thousands of views to her articles.  Another focuses on customer service and likewise gets tons of “repeat customers”.  When you have made a mark for yourself here at D2D, people will come looking for your tips.

Of course this does not mean you only write about one topic.  You can explore numerous topics but keep a particular niche in mind.

Share tips with the world

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Let’s face it, the more views our tips get, the more lucrative it is for us.  Online writers need legitimate views to our work to earn.  This is where sharing our work comes in handy.  There are social media buttons that you can click so you can share them in other platforms.  Of course the most familiar ones include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  However, you can explore other ways to share your work all around the world.  Just remember not to spam.  This will give you a bad reputation and can get your account deleted.

Comment and reply to comments

One of the sure fire ways to get people to your tips is to attract other members to visit your work.  But to do this, you have to visit them as well.  We do not solicit visits from other members nor do we ask them to like our work.  We can get them to visit our work by visiting theirs first.  Moreover, leaving meaningful comments can help get you noticed.

In the same manner, when other people comment on your work, it is prudent to reply back.  It is essential that we nurture interactions within the community.  This is how we create stronger ties and encourage better bonds between members.

I have seen numerous Motivators (that’s what we call writers here) go from zero to earning quickly.  There is no magic formula only the dedication and commitment to be part of a great community.  After all, Day2DayTips is a place we can share our ideas and learn from others.  Why not earn from it while doing these?  But when we earn, let’s not just think about trickles, but let’s think big bucks.  Anyone can maximize his earnings here at D2D.  All it takes is your desire to earn extra cash online.

Motivate, Share, Earn – that’s how we get the big bucks.

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