How to Deal with Negative Feedback

A colleague of mine is also selling stuff online.  I sell die-cast toy cars while she sells clothes, bags, and shoes.  Most of her products are pre-loved (or second hand).  We share our experiences with each other.  We even compare shipping companies or courier services.

A while ago, she approached me and shared that she got a negative feedback from a buyer.  She said that a buyer bought a second hand rubber shoes from her.  The funny thing about this was, they even met in person so the buyer could see or check the item prior purchasing.  She explained to the buyer that the shoes are in good condition.  The shoes have stained shoelaces probably because of storage.  The buyer saw it and was okay with it since she said that she will replace the shoelaces anyway.

That was a Friday when they met, come Monday, my colleague was shocked and surprised to see in her profile a negative feedback from her recent buyer.  There, the buyer stated that my colleague is a liar, she sells defective products, and warned the people not to buy from her because she is a “scammer”.

She was able to talk to the buyer and asked her what happened.  Then the buyer said something about she and her husband had an argument that’s why she was in a bad mood an wrote a nasty feedback. WTF?!?!?  To cut the long story short, my colleague said that she is willing to refund her money and just return the rubber shoes she bought.  The buyer agreed but she wants my colleague to deposit the money first prior shipping the item.  My colleague agreed.

What she should have done if I were in her situation:

I would contact the buyer and ask her what seems to be the issue.  We met in person, she checked the item and she was satisfied about it.  If there was something defective in the item which she did not see when we met, I will tell her to tell me before she rants about it.  I am sure she has my contact number, I appreciate a text message or a call before she poured her anger in a forum.  If I cannot stop her from writing her thoughts or giving me a very lengthy, unprofessional negative feedback then I will give a feedback on her profile as well.  I will inform the people in the website what really transpired.  That we agreed to meet before she purchases the item.  She seemed to be satisfied with it because she ended up buying it.  If something happened to the item during the days the items were with her already, I don’t think I should be blamed for that especially if I know to myself that I am not selling something that is defective.  It is like selling something in an actual store.  Brand new products have warranties right?  But if it was mishandled by the buyer/consumer, automatically warranty will be void.  So how sure I am that the buyer did not mishandle my item?  We sellers should know how to protect ourselves from these kind of customers.  I am not saying we should fight with them and throw ill words to one another, but defend ourselves would be a better term for it.

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9 thoughts on “How to Deal with Negative Feedback”

  1. this is the main reason why I am not into selling. I can’t defend what i have in mind. maybe if my customer will say your item is defective even if the customer bought it from me in good condition I will just say, OK let me replace that. LOL. so lazy to argue.

      • argh! my two failures in selling ( I did sell something, too)
        1. asking for the payment
        2. and arguing with t he customer for “whatever” reason.

        My mother said.. “Pleaseeee stop selling, you always end up losing than earning”

    • Well, in states, they accept return of products without even asking why they are returning it. Even if you already used it, they will accept it as long as the tag is still intact. 🙂

  2. I’ve been in sales for quite some time now and negative feedback can really have a detrimental effect. But from what you described, it is just a customer being really annoying. I hope that negative remark can be removed after settling the issue with the client.

  3. A negative feedback can always make us feel bad. But I try not to get too affected with it. But it hurts more if it would come form someone close to us.

    • That’s true. But in my friend’s case, if it isn’t true, she should shrug it off and report it to the concerned group.


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