How to cut you bangs in layers!

So I tried this out and I liked it alot. I was really scared though because i didn’t feel like messing up my hair and looking like all messed up. So I didn’t cut alot off because i was scared but my bangs were really REALLY long so i had to cut atleast an inch off. Im very happy with the outcome and i hope you guys try this too because it can also save alot of money!

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So what i did was i parted my bangs and and pulled forward the pieces i wanted to cut/and or trim. And put them on the opposite side (AKA the side that you don’t want them on) And cut them in a straight line cut as much as you want and then when you flip them back over to the side you actually want them on and they will be in layers. Then you can fix any bits and pieces that need to be fixed! Thats it! I hope this helps you if you were in my situation and have a fantastic day!

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4 thoughts on “How to cut you bangs in layers!”

  1. So nice to know how to trim your own hair, you can save a lot going to the parlor! Thanks for that!

  2. congratulations! LOL. i had a problem with cutting my own hair… bangs in particular… so thanks for this courageous tips.


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