How To Create Titles that Will Practically Force People to Read Your Articles

The title of your article is the most important part of your whole article. This is because a reader will decide whether to continue reading your article based on the title of your article. If it’s intriguing enough, the reader will click to read it but if the title doesn’t pique the reader’s interest, she can just click away.

One of the best ways to learn how to craft great titles for your articles is to copy how other writers do it. Go to the Internet and search for something that is of interest to you. If you’re interested to research about earn money writing online, enter the keyword in the search box of your favorite search engine.

Now, look at the first page of the search results. The results are arranged according to the titles of articles. Now, look at the ones that really interest you and compel you to click on the link. How is the title crafted? Can you try and copy the way the title is crafted?

Examples of good titles that will compel me to click are :

1. How I Make Money Writing Online (Personal true story. This always interests people because it’s a true story and also personal. Perhaps if the writer can do it, I too can do it. I just need to know how the writer did it.)

2. Make Money Writing Articles : Top 25 Sites That Pay Upfront (Lists are always interesting and I’m always interested to find sites that will pay upfront for what I write)

3. The Truth about Making Money Online (Everyone wants to know the truth)

Crafting great and compelling titles should be one of the things that all writers should learn to do. Failing to learn to write great titles will cause your articles to become unread.

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UmiNoor is an ex-teacher who used to teach teens and young children. She's been writing online since 2009. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies and writing and she just loves to share the little knowledge that she learns every day. Perhaps, t's the educator in her or maybe she just has the gift of the gab.

7 thoughts on “How To Create Titles that Will Practically Force People to Read Your Articles”

  1. Titles used should stir a person’s interest. Catchy titles will always make any person stop and take time to read.

  2. I agree to this Tip and to @jenny1015:disqus, you are right. Having good titles that can captivates readers attention is truly helping plus a substantial information inside will surely make your readers going back for more.

  3. hahaha this title really FORCEd me to read… because I thought the word ENCOURAGE will be the better way to say it.. but oh well it is your title and you are right. ; )

  4. yes, titles play a very significant role in attracting visitors but the content is equally important otherwise they would never return to read more.

  5. You are so right about enticing titles as long as they are tied to the content. The title should lead you to expect an expansion of the title subject.


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