How to Control Unemployment in any Country

1. Development Plan: A good development Plan will help the government to plan for the unemployed masses. E.g. Government plan for Undergraduates after graduation, acquisition of entrepreneur skills as a graduate such as ICT
2. Population Control: In order to reduce unemployment, government must endeavor to control population growth e.g. Child Spacing, birth rate control and many more not listed.
3. Geographical Mobility of Labor: If a conducive atmosphere is created for the labor to move, it reduces unemployment. Mobility of labor is always important to reduce a large population as this mobility can be for business purpose, education purpose and other purpose not listed, mobility can be domestic or international as domestic mobility is a movement within a country while international mobility is movement or migrating to another country(s).
4. Industrialization: Proper Industrialization crates employment opportunities thus eradicating unemployment
5. Increasing the Rate of Public Participation as well as private participation in the economy: Public Shows for skills training and many for shows for entrepreneurial skills
6. Overhauling the educational system with a view to providing people with entrepreneurial skills and technological innovations: The Government must try to work with school authorities to ensure that entrepreneur skills are included in their curriculum including tertiary institutions
7. Making loans available to the people who are creative and are interested in getting self employed: Apex Bank in the country must ensure that banks gives loans to entrepreneurs and those who wish to be self employed, the government must ensure that it works with Apex bank in creating Micro finance Banks in giving out loans on interest to entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) also have a great role to play as well.

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