How to choose your school service?

Its School time once again here in the Philippines and as a Mom I have so many concern to bring back and shared with you.

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One of the top priorities of a Mom like me every school time is the service of my son. School service is the person who will take good care of them from home to school and school to home. And, this part should be taking care of carefully to make your children safe and in good hands.

According to the news, all service 15 years above, will not be permitted to be a school service for safety reason.  Okay, my opinion for this matter in my next Tip.

Back to the tips on: how you carefully selected the service of your kids:

1.)Make sure that the service has permit and follow the guidelines given from LTFRB.

2.)The driver wearing proper uniform as what the department mandated.

3.)Check the Identification Card or Driver’s License to secure that he is truly the driver for the unit.

4.)He must observe the proper hygiene since they are the first person whom your children will contacted with.

5.)Most services in school painted in yellow this is the number one requirement for the school service.

6.)Make sure you get the contact number of the driver for any emergency purposes and it is best (even I am sounds over protective Mom) get his personal information such as Address, Full Name and Birthday for future reference.

7.)It is not a crime to ask your school of what are their rules and safety measures for their school service.

8.)Check the vehicle if they have a safety tools such as medicine kit, fire extinguisher, and extra tire for their emergency need.

Our children safety is in their hands and making sure that the person you will entrusted them from the time they are out of your sight ensuring there safety at all times.

Happy Back to School kids and Mommies.

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3 thoughts on “How to choose your school service?”

  1. I only had a year if bus service for my kids. And the bus operator we chose was the one recommended by the school and who happens to be a friend of my mother in law. At first, I was hesitant to have my kids entrusted to the bus service, but then when I learned that the owner/operator was a long time friend of my mother in law, I felt comfortable. The only reason I stopped from getting the service was that it was very expensive and my kids come home late everyday.


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