How to choose best online game for growing up kids?

Online games are very accessible now a day, there are a lot of free games where we can choose and download it. In our modern times, internet played so many roles when it comes to forming and develops the mind of our children. As a parent it is our task to ensure that it is helping them to mold and develop their skills and abilities rather than awakens them to more violent environment.

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One of my concern as a parent is to ensure that the online games my kid is playing helps him in so many ways such as in giving him additional information about a certain sports, knowledge, learning and helps him to inclined more to develop his hidden talents and not making him addicted in playing in front of the computer and wasting his free time.

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We should ensure also that it is fun and entertaining way for our kids because we must remember the pressure they encountered particularly if they are in school already. In choosing it should be fit to their age and base on their likes and needs.

For a growing up kids like for example if you want to enhance their vocabulary you can download the puzzled word, scrabble with a twist or challenge on it to encourage them to play. If you noticed they love it if they get good score while waiting for the next part of the game. It is also a good chance to bond with them and discover your kids.

Compared in our years, now we have technologies that help us parents to make everything easy, with the proper guidance, correct and appropriate site and games for them, we can ensure that we are leading them to the right direction.

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  1. there is always a lock. impose strictly rules in the use of the technology. and yes there are so many educational online games and software to install in the computer. specifically for reading, grammar, math and science.


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