How To Burn your calories??

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Since every one in this world wants to be handsome and a smart individual,but heavy weight is main problem of many of the people including people from developed countries!.

And the main reason behind this heavy weight factor is the caloric  Diet!

When one eats more calories then he burns..then it results in heavy weight!.

Now question arises that how can we burn those calories If we are subjected To over weight problem?

The Answer Is that We have To follow Following Tips:

1.Try to to do work which involve burning Of calories!! walking ,Running Etc.

2.Try to avoid eating foods which are caloric.foe example fast foods.

3.Do cardio:do work which can increase your heart Beat.

Thanks for reading Hope you will find it helpfull.

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3 thoughts on “How To Burn your calories??”

  1. You have to watch everything what you eat and the amount of exercise you get. My son is a big guy. He tries to eat healthy and he exercises but still has trouble losing weight. Now, he is only 15 and still growing. Most of the men in my family are large.

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