How to be more tolerant

There is a simple tip you can implement in your life to be more tolerant.  Tolerance to other ideas and opinions is good and healthy to make us understand that our point of view is just a single vision of the world.  It is also accepting that there is no one holding the absolute truth not even in their communities or the subject they feel passionate (politics, religion, academics)

  1. Try to have diverse type of friends.

It would be ideal if you could have friends who can represent totally different ideas of the ones you hold.  I have protestant, Anglican, catholic, Muslims, atheist and agnostic friends.  In terms of politics I talk with very conservative, liberals, socialists, far right wing friends.  And this has been very enriching to me.

You do not have to be afraid of engaging in a conversation with someone with a different background.  If you are mature enough and you are confident of what you believe why would you do that?  The more you know about other persons the wiser you get and at the same time you became a more humble person because you are more aware that yours is not an absolute truth




  1. Listen, share your opinions and ideas but do not blame.

Try to listen to the others.  Understand the reasons why they think this way.  You can always say that the way they see the world does not look right for you for any reason you have without blaming others.  This is specially important for some communities that need to be more tolerant instead of just sending the others to hell (in case of religion), or calling their political opponents ‘fascists’, ‘communists’ or ‘enemies of the state’.


8 thoughts on “How to be more tolerant”

  1. You have an open mind, and that is good because by mingling with varied people of different beliefs, etc. you learn a lot from them, like what you said. That’s true.

  2. As from my experience one need time and some social gatherings with outside of its circle. Talking with more and more people on various issues light or hard can gradually make his mind ready to accept other ideas as well as to tolerate others if they are opposed your opinion.
    Nice share my friend.

    • I encourage people to question my views so that i can learn more about theirs. I find it fun when there is a discussion about an idea that i have. Our minds are too fascinating not to use.

  3. I try to be as tolerant as i can. but when things go really south, then i have to step in. I try to impart what i know but not in a way to push others away.


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