How to be a Savvy Shopper

It is January, and there are a lot of sales going on at the moment. I think most people love a bargain, right? It is important to be a savvy shopper though and not waste money on things that you don’t need. Even more important is to save money on the things that you do need. Here are a few tips to help you save money when you shop.


There are a lot of different coupons and vouchers available for when you shop. There are a lot of different places to look for them too. Look for coupons in magazines and newspapers. You should check supermarket store entrances and near the tills for store magazines. There are also a lot of ways to get shopping coupons online, especially on social media. Follow your favourite brands or stores on Facebook and Twitter and see what they have to offer you. They want you to stay interested in their page so they will share different deals or coupons with you.

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Write to Companies

As was said before, it is the best if you can save money off the things that you need to be buying. Groceries are the biggest one that springs to mind. If you like a grocery product, it pays to write to the company and let them know. We all like to receive praise, don’t we? They will often send you back a coupon for money off, or even send you some freebies. What could be better than money off food, other than free food? Try to be sincere in your letters and emails, though. Don’t just have a generic form that you send to everyone.

If there is a genuine complaint that you have with a product, it is worth writing to the company too. They value feedback and would be interested in your thoughts. This often results in freebies or vouchers too as they may want you to try other things in their range. As has been said, though, make sure you have an actual reason to complain. They can tell if you are just after a freebie.

Often on company websites, there are pop-ups to sign up to their mailing list. This usually gives you a percentage off. So sign up and then get someone in the family to sign up. It is great to get the discount, twice.

Swap Brands

We all have certain products that we love. We are used to them and know that they work for us. Being a savvy shopper and saving when you shop, means swapping your brands. For things like beauty, cleaning or makeup products, they are always offers on. The brands that have offers on will vary, though. So to save, try switching brands. You never know, you may even end up liking the brand. Plus, save yourself some money. Not much sweeter than that!

Good luck with your bargain hunting. It can take a little time to hunt out and look for the best deals. It can be worth it, though. What are your top tips for being a savvy shopper?

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