How to be a mediator (Part 2)

Previously I have started talking about how we all can learn to mediate in discussions and how this could be inspiring. You actually feel that you are giving your part to help other persons work with their problems and to have respect for each other.

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I talked about the importance of listening what other persons have to say in order to know why they are fighting and to try to propose.

My advice today is also pretty simple. Don’t be judgmental. It is always easier talking rather than walking but everything starts with a purpose. Next time you examine a problem or take part in a discussion as a mediator think that if you really want to help it is important trying not judging one of the persons. In fact, most of the things in life are not just black and white. If you have listened what people say and try to understand them by heart, this should be less difficult.

I know you cannot be 100% objective but a good mediator tries to do that and in many cases people can reach a negotiated solution for the only reason that they feel they are being heard and understood. We all have a part of rightness.

The secret of successful mediations can be to discover what people have in common instead of focusing on the things that divide us. If you are not judgmental you can help your friends or the people you are helping discovering this.


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