How to Avoid Being Penalized by Google due to Link Schemes and What Really is it?

Okay, let’s face it guys – Google has strengthen its policies against thieves. I am sorry for being harsh but that’s how I described it. I am not safe too. Unknowingly, Google might consider me as one amongst the thousand bloggers, webmasters, site owners who have violated its golden rule. I won’t let that happen though – as long as it’s not late. And of course, it’s not late for you too. Are you ready? Let’s face the truth – there’s no easy money online. It’s about hard work – it’s about following the rules. If you don’t want to take this challenge – then there’s no enough place for you in the web since the king of search engines is taking the lead.

While you read a lot of tutorials right there, I recommend you to head directly to Google’s content guidelines first before considering other opinions of some known SEO.  This information might overwhelm us:

“Oh no, how about my investment in building a lot of backlinks out there?!”

Yeah, if you did invest substantial amount of money in building hundreds of backlinks out there – stay calm. It’s not advisable to scratch your head. Stay calm and take a deep breath – read the content guidelines of Google instead.

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Google will continue to penalize sites that participate in link schemes. This violation comes in different types and we must understand them one by one. I tell you, this is the big challenge, as Google continues to work hard to give its end users reliable search results – contents with nothing on it will be thrashed on the bin… and this is huge. Google prepares a huge bin for all crappy contents. This is a challenge for us all to work hard on our contents. Content is always king. Google is investing heavily to make contents shine through.

Back in the old days and recent years – people were becoming smart. They were working around the clock to penetrate the system built by this giant, I mean Google – and they succeed. That made them became thieves. They have stolen the spots or ranks in Google search results they did not deserve, and that made search results crappy at times. That made people cannot rely on contents displayed on the first page of Google because of link schemes! That’s the end of it anyway. The world has changed and so does Google.

Everyone should struggle to make content go viral in a natural way.

That’s our mission. In order for Google not to penalize us, like what other sites have experienced and suffered – we need to stop malicious activities… take time to review your editorial calendar and comment out some activities that might violate the content guidelines and may fall to a link scheme! Honestly, I may have violated the rules before. I have few articles published on this blog and I need to review them one by one.

The Google Content Guidelines Give Beginners a Huge Potential to Succeed Online

If you are smart enough – you will consider these major changes us an opportunity rather than a problem. Folks, be smart enough. If you think that there’s no room left for you, then, it’s simply wrong. The web has a huge room for you. While others are working hard to get back from where Google has dropped them – you can start a new beginning. You can create a brand new site that will stick and follow the Google’s webmasters guidelines and succeed in no time! This is not a “get rich quick scheme” but you know – good trees will bear good fruits.

We are smart enough to start anew!

While am telling you this – I and my blog partner is working on a new blog. This is an opportunity amidst confusion, fears and all these brought out by Google’s stricter policies on promotions and link building schemes.  This is a new beginning that would pave another road for us to give people the right contents they need. It’s just simply helping Google to achieve their non-ordinary mission of feeding the world with the content that is timely, practical and relevant. A blog that would not create stories to go viral, but a blog that would share experiences and opinions without sugar coat – the one people need the most.

Share your thoughts and let me know other brilliant ideas you have right now.

Read Google’s Content Guideline regarding Link Schemes.
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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

7 thoughts on “How to Avoid Being Penalized by Google due to Link Schemes and What Really is it?”

  1. Prime Aque, It’s amazing article & you did well guide toward Penalized Link. I like it but I want to ask some another thing to you ! Prime Aque do you have any idea about How to use google disallow tool ? please help if you have idea.

    • Hi Maneesha,

      Thank you. Anyways. do you mean Google Disavow tool? I found the answer, and this is one of my trusted blogs since I started blogging, this is how to use this tool properly:

      How to use Google Disavow tool to remove bad links on my trusted blog –
      Or Disavow tools – a guide brought to us by Google

      If you need my assistance, please let me know.


  2. Hello Prime,
    I am glad that Google is working to remove those spammers. I trust Google, it is helping good bloggers so that good content will win the game.
    For many years, it was about how many backlinks you have, but now it is about what kind of backlinks you have. And this is fair enough, especially for newbies, Google is giving them the chance to enter the competition!

    • Yes Dima, Google indeed gives beginners the chance to join and win the competition – webmasters compete each other to fill the first few pages of Google using tricks and money, but right now, pure hard work can pay off. The game has changed – it’s about quality and not mere quantity… You know, more and more things are intervened with technology, they came out unnaturally, they are produced in numbers in no time – But Google wants to bring back the natural works of nature – and so is blogging… it’s about working hard and building fame in a natural way – no intervention of tricks and link schemes.


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