How to Apply for a Loan – Quick Guide


  • Valid ID (preferably UMID from the SSS)
  • Bank account (optional, but most loan apps required bank account, if you have no bank account yet, we recommend RCBC Wise Savings)
  • Android phone / PC
  • Internet connection


  1. Please check our tested apps here.
  2. From no. 1, if we say that it is allowed to apply on their website, proceed to apply on their website.
  3. If no. 2 is not an option, you need to download and install the app from the Google Playstore. (if Google playstore is not yet installed on your phone, you should install it first.)
  4. From the choices on our tested loan apps, you can pick one and look for it on the Playstore. For example, if you want to try TALA Philippines, search TALA Philippines on the Playstore and install it.
  5. Once installed, follow the steps on the app, basically, you will be answering questions and providing information: personal info, work info, contacts, etc.
  6. Still confused on what to do? Join our group here, for fast approval, message me on my personal fb account here or use the contact form here at Self-Help 🙂