How To Apply a SMARTMoney Card

To those who are living in the Philippines this card is intended for you. Lots of people who work online find it hard to verify their Paypal account. Most of the sites are using Paypal as their payment processor and paid only members who are a verified Paypal users. To find the solution, SMART Communication the leading Mobile/Cellphone network in the country released a debit card that can be used for online transactions. It was first available under the agreement of 1st e-bank. I was a long time cardholder of SMARTMoney card since the beginning of their released. When 1st e-bank acquired by BDO – Universal Bank the agreement continued. Latest technology allow users to do online transactions and it is the easiest way to do shopping online, they enhance their service and make it easier to avail their cards.

You only need to have a SMART simcard either BUDDY or Talk ‘N Text. Activate your generic account through your SMART Buddy or Talk ‘N Text Menu. Trhough your  SMARTMoney sub-menu, enter your desired W-PIN or wireless personal identification number. Be sure to remember the PIN because your succeeding transaction will prompt you to enter the PIN.  A minimum of 6-digits numbers for your PIN. Few seconds after, your menu will be updated by the system.

To own your personalize card with your name, go to any nearest SMART wireless center to apply for a card. Just bring an amount of Php 120.00 for processing fee. For more convenient, you can also apply a card through online. Just visit their website at .  You need to provide your personal details on the form found on their website. After you submit the form you will be called by SMART representative for some questions, confirmation and verification. Youonly need one valid ID to avail a personalize SMARTMoney card.

You will be inform through an SMS, if your application has been approved. If your card has been created and ready to use, you can pick it up to any SMART wireless center at your choice. Be sure that during the verification call, you inform the customer representative that your card is for pick up and not to be mailed in your address. The main advantage, if you want to pick up in the wireless the shorter time to wait of your card delivery. It takes 2-3 weeks if you are from the province. You will be notified again through SMS if your card is ready for pick up.

To claim your card just bring your valid ID and the amount mention above together with your SMART or Talk ‘N Text simcard for for final activation and linking your card to your simcard. It’s very easy, mostly if your application approved, the card will be created within 3 – 5 days. If you are living near Makati City, you can directly  pick up to their Head office in Ayala Avenue, Makati. You are given 60 days to claim your card. If unclaim at the given period, your card will be forfeited and destroyed.

Your SMARTMoney card bears the logo of the Mastercard Company.

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  1. This is awesome. I’ve never been a SMART user and this one just make me one. I use my EON Unionbank to transfer funds from Paypal. So far it has worked well for me. but this is another way to transfer my cash online.

  2. Thanks for this info. Can I apply smartmoney card for my husband? He is in UAE and he needs to verify his paypal. Thanks in advance for the reply..

  3. I would like to know if I can make real life pushers with this card? Like going in a coffee shop for example.


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