How to Ace your Interveiw

Yesterday, I wrote an article in giving tips on how to find the right job for you.  Now, I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can ace your job interview.

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I have been working in the Recruitment Department for more than five years and I have encountered so many different people and their personalities but having the same mistake why sometimes they fail the initial screening.


DON’TS (Pre-interview)

1. Be late especially if you were given a schedule. If you said “yes” to the schedule assigned to you, it means you capable to do so.  If it is inevitable that you will be late, please advise properly.

2. Show boredom or restlessness in the reception area.  Even if you have a schedule, sometimes it doesn’t start right away.  Even if you are getting irritated, don’t show it because Receptionists are also observing your behavior.  Remember, you need this job more than the company needs you.

3. Wear jeans, sneakers, and shirts during interviews.  Even if you are applying for a Call Center position and mostly Call Center Agents wear jeans during work, it doesn’t apply in interviews.  Men, please remove your cap/hat and earrings before attending to your interview.  It is just improper.  Ladies, please refrain from wearing skimpy clothes like sleeveless, short skirts, and open toes shoes.  If you must wear sleeveless, please put a decent jacket or blazer on.


DO’S (Actual Interview)

1. Smile all the time.

2. Listen to the questions before answering.  If you didn’t understand, ask politely to repeat the question.

3. Answer appropriately.  There is a thin line between being confident and arrogant.  Refrain from “one-word answer.”  Always answer in a complete but concise manner.  Lengthy explanations are boring.  Remember: In call centers, interviewers need to interview a lot of applicants.  Be considerate.

4. Practice correct posture.  Never, ever slouch.

5. Avoid extra movements in your seat during the interview like tapping or clicking your pen or any mannerism that connotes uneasiness and nervousness.

DON’TS (Answers to Questions)

1. Why should we hire you? – Answering “Why Not?” or using adjectives such as “I’m a fast-learner,” “I’m easy to be with,” “I’m hardworking” and other clichés.  Instead, explain your skills that is related to the job that you are applying and how it helped you and the company you previously worked with.  If you are a fresh graduate, cite an example during your internship or during the time you made your thesis.

2. Why are you applying for this job? – Answering “I just want to try it” or “I was just influenced by my friends or family.”  The answer that I hate the most is “To earn money.”  Like Duh?! all of us work to earn money regardless of what type of job.  We’re asking why this particular job, why not other jobs?

3. Tell me about yourself – Similar to item number 1, don’t just use adjectives to describe yourself but instead, use it in a sentence like “I have been working for five years in a telecommunication company and I believe I was very responsible with the tasks given to me because I always finish them on time and I haven’t heard any negative feedback regarding my work from my superiors.”


Interviews are not that difficult to do unless we focus too much on how to impress our interviewers.  Yes, we need to impress them but we should concentrate more on being ourselves, be relaxed, and be confident.





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