How Much Worth Vintage Postage Stamps Are?

Postage stamps have been carrying the letters/mails across the world to their desired destinations since 1840. The advent of the postal stamp afforded the convenience of both the postal official and the mailer. The postal system saved the cost, and also provided improved and quicker postal system.

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vintage postage stamps

There are lots of people who are into hobby of collecting stamps especially, the vintage stamps. Vintage postage stamps are the stamps that are no more in the movement, and not any more used in present postal system. Depending on the postage history of every country, vintage stamps are those that older than some arbitrary years like 1950 or 1900.

People collect vintage postage stamps for the sake of their hobby or could be form of historical reference and knowledge. These vintage shapes can be found in various different colors, shapes and sizes including pentagon, triangular, circular and rectangular.

Postage stamps have their own corresponding values especially the vintage postage stamps since they are rare and their worth is more than today’s postage stamps. These rare vintage stamps include national, cancelled, international, un-cancelled, air post stamps, memorials etc. Some of these stamps restrict to particular year or a country.

While collecting vintage postage stamps, it’s not that you collect stamps but with it you discover those earlier printing trends, international relations, colonial relations, tourists’ patterns, advertising methods etc. Inclusive of all these things leads to high value of these rare stamps.

Bear in mind that not just the postage stamp’s age, but the rarity, grade and condition also counts. Some of the vintage postage stamps that dates back more than a century commands a greater price as such postage stamp specimen is rare to find.

Vintage postage stamps collecting is preferred more by the people to that of regular stamp collecting. Putting them in particular classes and order and discovering the most captivating knowledge about their stamps is something more than just a hobby

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5 thoughts on “How Much Worth Vintage Postage Stamps Are?”

  1. what happened now to the dying industry of postal services because of the email. but actually when I move here, I started using the post office once again.

    • Good to know that you still use these postal services. Actually all the necessities cant be fulfilled with the technology of emails. Like when we have to receive certain live things these postal services are the only means. Thanks Mavic for stopping by.

      • you are welcome.

        yes, and I will buy stamps not the rubber stamps type. I agree it is still different to receive something from the old fashioned mail.

  2. Oh, I remember I have some vintage stamps lying around which I collected when I was little (around 20 years or more ago) and some of them were rather old even at that time some dating back to early 1950s or earlier. I will dig them out and try to put them up on eBay. Honestly for me they don’t have any sentimental value, had just collected them coz my sister had encouraged me to take up a new hobby. Hope it pays up now 🙂

    • Thats great to know Talat. I have heard that some people get hundreds and thousands of dollars for those vintage stamps. Try your luck may be you become rich from your collection 🙂


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