How Much Laundry Soap Do You Need?

Doing LaundryWhen it comes to doing laundry, I am sure you are just like I am: I throw some soap in, turn the water on, and walk away from the washing machine.  But the truth of the matter is that most of us use way too much soap.  That soap costs money, and instead of just flushing your money down the drain, it is important to use the right amount.

Why Should You Use Less Soap?

One of the things that I didn’t know before working at an appliance repair shop was that using too much soap can be bad for your washing machine.  Depending on the soap, it can lead to buildup that is formed in the tub, and any of the hoses in the washer.  This can lead to premature breakdowns and other repair costs, and it does have a significant impact on the life of your washing machine.

And it is something that can be prevented.

So, How Much Soap do you Need?

The quantity of soap that you should use does depend a lot on the brand of soap, but there are some general rules that you can follow.  They are:

  1. Use a half to a quarter of the cup (or scoop) of soap.  When you consider that the companies that make your laundry detergent are in the business of selling their soap to you, you can understand why that they recommend that you use more soap than you need to.  In fact, it is as simple as this: the more you use, the more they make, so of course they are going to suggest that you use more soap for each load.
  2. Buy Concentrated Soap.  You can usually buy concentrated soap.  If you have ever bought a large bottle of laundry detergent that is a cheaper brand, you will notice that you are actually buying a big jug of watered down soap.  So, instead of paying for water, buy concentrated soap.  You will be able to use even less soap than what is recommended above and be able to do more laundry per jug.
  3. Other Cleaning Alternatives.  When it comes to getting your clothes clean, sometimes it is better to use less soap and instead use other alternatives.  For example, if your children were out playing in the dirt and their clothes are very dirty, a scoop of Oxy Clean will work better at getting the stains out of your clothes than a whole cup full of soap.

While these tips are not the only ones out there to help you save money doing your laundry, they certainly help you save money when it comes to repairs to your washing machine, and the amount of soap that you buy in the store.  If you are single or on your own, these savings might not be that significant, but if you have a large family (or have any kids), you will find that ever dollar saved is a good thing.  I know that before we started using less soap we were going through it like crazy with our family of six, but now, a just lasts just about three months.

4 thoughts on “How Much Laundry Soap Do You Need?”

  1. This is the reason why I don’t buy the big boxes of laundry detergents. Coz it would make me put more than the necessary amount of soap. I am not sure if it is available in other countries but there are laundry soaps packed in our country that is good for one washing. It is like pre-determined amount of soap per washing so it helps me save money.

    • here I bought downy in sachet (good thing they have it also here) I noticed that when I bought the one in the pack.. I just pour them like hell… until scent really get in my nostrils. so I always buy fabric con after two weeks. LOL. Now I haven’t finished my downy sachets yet after almost 1.5 months … because the usage is controlled.

  2. I love this tip, when i am doing my laundry I use a lot of soap and zonrox a laundry disinfection. But with this Tip, I am able to check what is necessary and not.


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