How is ZMOT Helpful?

Three challenges have always been faced by marketers since the day, the practice came into use. These challenges which are Business Awareness Problem, Prospect Enlargement Problem and Product Differentiation Problem have plagued the outcome of marketing always.

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Business Awareness Problem is faced before the beginning of generation of lead, that means prior to the product has come to market. It is one of the biggest challenge for marketers. Every day, new ways are devised to make a company’s reach much more larger public through the use of media. ZMOT, helps its clients to enhance their reach through the use of social media, one of the most active form of media in today’s world.

Prospect Engagement Problem is the engagement of company with its customer through the platform of social media. ZMOT has made it possible through its various media sources, also termed as Integrated Media comprising of website, blog, mobile social profile, book-markings and classified curators and many more  through which this interaction has become possible.

Unless the brand is able to differentiate its product from the rest in the market, it won’t sell. Through this newly arrived ZMOT strategy the customer not only gets a chance to interact with the brand but also gets educated about its products.

This beneficial medium has not only allowed companies to expand their reach but has also helped customers in getting better services.

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  1. With the growing competition in the market product differentiation is a must. Introducing a new product or service only becomes harder with the globalization through the internet. It is no wonder why more and more programs and systems are being created to address this basic predicament.


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