How Important Is Music To You

I think music is a much needed item in our lives. It would be boring and unexciting with out it. Music gives life to our lives. When we feel sad listening to lively music can cheer us up.

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Music is a big part in out family clan. I have on uncle who has 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. They were the very first in the clan to promote music. My aunt , his wife is a doctor of medicine graduate but the youngest at 15 to graduate in a doctorate in Piano (sorry not sure the title) So music ran in their blood. They all knew hoe to play any musical instrument and they went out on concerts in the Philippines. Their first and last concert outside was in Dubai, then they stayed there permanently. They earned a living teaching music, piano, drum guitar and voice to other children there. Not any of them had any formal lessons, only from my other aunt a piano teacher and from their mother. They lived in General Santos Mindanao so we only got together when they had concerts or charity concerts in Iloilo. They were known as the VN’S OCTAVE for Victorino and Norma.

Then my 2 nephews became famous singers here in the Philippines.

So it seems that music is important to our family. I love to sing, listen to music. I also had lessons in playing the piano, guitar and electric organ I even had singing lesson but I guess some people have it and some don’t. I am glad my daughter got the talent.

Music can soothe the soul. I believe that. Sometimes listening to music can change your feelings. When meditating some people like to play soft music in the background to help calm you. When exercising we play lively music to help us dance and move. When we feel sad sometime we play melancholy music. When we are in love the music are all love songs and we sing along even if out of tune.

For me a house that does not have music is a sad and lonely house.

It is the rhythm, the beat and the words that affect us. It is a way we can express and let out. That is why i think music is important in out lives. Even in the far flung places they make music using leaves, wooden sticks, anything that can make a sound.

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  1. wow beautiful family talents. hmmm.. i love music, and i love singing.. i am just not sure if singing and music love me too. LOL. seems that they contradict to my desire.


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