How IMDB Helps Me Find Great Movies to Watch

If you browse through IMDB which is a website that contains one of the largest database for movies, you can find gems of a movie. I was searching for information about one of the actors in True Blood, Alexander Skarsgaad and was browsing through his filmography when I came across one of his movies that turned out to be so awesome. It’s called What Maisie Knew.

IMDB has always been my goto website when I do my movie research. When I want to search for movies at IMDB, I will always start with an actor; a favorite actor preferably.  And then I will go through the actor’s filmography. And then read the synopsis for the movies. And then I will probably watch the trailer and then decide whether I want to watch the movie.

You can also use the search tool at IMDB to search for movies that might interest you. You can enter keywords into the search box and IMDB will suggest movie titles or tv shows that are relevant to your keywords. This is a great tool when I do research for my articles. If you’re a movie buff, this is one website you must visit. You can also install the app on your Android phone for your convenience.

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  1. I’ve visited this site before. but I only do so to know the names of the actors who played in the movie. Perhaps I can visit it and explore it more.


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