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I have just started writing posts on internet. My goal is to share maximum knowledge. So, here is the tip which I want to share. I am a weight management trainer and have helped many reduce weight considerably.

Who does not want a fit body? Who does not want a happy and healthy life? Who does not want reduced fat? So, let us start the journey.

Knowing the right enemy

We need to know enemy correctly. The problem is that we focus on losing weight. The enemy is fat not weight. Most of us focus on losing weight and that does not work. Losing weight without losing fats results in weakness and that is more dangerous than increased weight.  On the other hand, if you focus on losing fats, you end up losing weight as well and also strengthen yourself.

Exercise myth debunked

Why present generation is not able to stay fit and healthy? Because of a current widespread myth – Exercise will serve the purpose. The reality is: Exercise alone is utterly useless and hopelessly helpless.

By exercising, you are actually increasing your appetite. If you continue eating the way you used to do earlier, you end up gaining weight / fat not losing it. The principle here is:

Exercise will only work if it is backed by diet balance

Further, the ideal exercise is walking. In my opinion, it is only exercise which does not harm. Walk for 35 – 55 minutes a day (brisk walking) and you are doing perfect exercise for fat loss.

Now, what is diet balance? Here is my theory:

  1. Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner = 9:3:1
  2. Protein: Vitamins: Fats: Carbohydrates = 10:8:4:3

{There is no change in consumption of minerals like Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Potassium etc. They are to be taken as normal diet}

Besides these, I also state a simple exercise here:

Please see the attached image first.


The tip of my ring finger is at the base of my thumb. This is ancient Indian Yoga posture called as Surya Mudra (the Sun Posture)

This posture should be repeated for 24 minutes at a stretch. It is found to boost metabolism. Scientifically speaking, the base of our thumb contains nerve of metabolism. The tip of ring finger is actually activating it.


The tips mentioned are simple.

You should exercise as normal. I am not advocating excessive exercising. Mere walking is sufficient. Secondly, you should modify the diet plan as per the details mentioned (2 diet balance theories mentioned above) and just add Surya Mudra to your exercise routine.

This was tried on 158 people and not even a single failure was reported. People reduced their weight by 10 – 15% in 2 weeks with no side effect.

Enjoy a fit and healthy life.

You can post your experience as comments.

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A trainer who trains on Weight Management / Money Management and also on stress Management. With strong focus on out of box thinking, I keep on exploring things which are not so common.

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