How Do You Prepare For Your Old Age?

RonPorter / Pixabay
RonPorter / Pixabay


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It is a question that popped into my head after seeing several people come and go in front of our office window. There are people who seem to have a good life. You see them having a great body with a very positive attitude. Then one old man, a beggar came up to me and was asking for alms. I don’t usually give money to these people. I would rather offer them something to eat. I handed him a pack of cookies. It was all I had. But this man, he did not leave right away. He told his story on why he has become a person living in the streets. He was actually not from Manila. He just came here to have himself treated at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center. According to him, he was flown here for free and was given free medical assistance.


The man, probably in his 50’s, was an army officer during his younger years. But then he had an accident which left him with a bad infection on his foot. This hindered him from continuing to work in the service. Then he mentioned that when he got some amount of money which he thought would be a great help for him to start with a business. But what happened was, his mother and his brother took his money and did not left him with any amount. That, somewhat started his grueling life. He now wanders in the street relying for alms so he could be able to live.


Most of the people who might be reading this now is far from what the fate of that old man. Not all of us may have been from wealthy families, but we should try to make ways on how we can save up for our old age. Apart from the pension which some of us would be receiving, there should be other means which should stand as a back-up plan. Saving as much as possible now and being wise in spending our hard-earned money is something that we all need. Sometimes, it is not being greedy with what we have but trying to make sure that there is  something left for us in times of need.


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8 thoughts on “How Do You Prepare For Your Old Age?”

  1. At present getting old for me is just a number adds to my age …. lol… but I am starting to prepare by getting memorial plan and insurance aside from my SSS. In our present condition we have to tighten our belt just to secure our future needs but for me we have to no matter how life is hard. I don’t wanna be a burden of Rhen when I am older.

    • We should be prepared as early as now so that our children would not be burdened. We don’t know what kind of life our kids will have. If they get lucky, then well and good. But what if they have to struggle for their everyday needs and then we would be needing some medical intervention? Where will they go?

  2. This is something I haven’t given much thought. Then I realize that I do think about what it would be when I get old. My daughter will have her own family and my wife and I will be an empty nest. It’s time to party again.

  3. sad.. I don’t like to read such stories, it is not that i am afraid to get old but because I feel so helpless… I want to help them but i have no source.

    Honestly, i don’t like to get old. I don’t like to come to the point when I have no one to go to… that’s the “question” of being single…

  4. Very touching stories and reminders to all of us that we should prepare something for the future like old age. And of course a great reminders also for us, to love our parents or grandparents maybe at their times they cannot help themselves.


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