How have I Managed my Severe (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)?


Pre Menstrual Syndrome – is a common for every ‘other’ women , one can experience this a few weeks before their monthly period. This medical condition often affecting an  Emotional , Physical and Physiological well being with its Symptoms that can totally change someones way of living. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome can mostly be mistaken as to ‘Pregnancy’ — because of its very similar symptoms.  It will give you an uneasy feelings and different discomforts with your body. You might think that, you are having some serious issues or illness and would panic not knowing it is just a normal phenomenon of female body preparing for menstrual flows 1 or 2 – weeks before it will occur.


There is no known treatment to prevent this to happen, but it can be managed.

Take Note that the listed below are my personal experiences, Symptoms may vary from different Women as we all have different body, but these are the common factors you can observe when you are having a pre-menstrual syndromes and how I managed them.




  • Hot Burning Sensation of your Body – You feel so hot even if the weather is cool and air condition or fan is on.

  • You can also be having some ‘cold sweats’ from different parts of your body including (back, for head, palms, feet)

  • You will also have an occasional face flushes and sudden rushes of skin.

Tip: You may bring some cold towel and wipe to your body repeatedly until you feel back a normal temperature in your body.


  • You will also feel dizzy and lightheaded and in some cases it could be lead to vertigo.

Tip:  You can take some over the counter medicines or drink Luke warm water/ hot tea for relief.


  • Sometimes you will get a Hyper Acidity that will lead to bloating.

Tip: Avoid Consuming Caffeinated and Citrus Drinks as it may trigger your Symptoms.





  • Hunger, Craving for ‘certain food’ and Over Eating.

Tip: It is good to have some soup/brute or anything hot in this season.


  • You often feel a Dryness of your mouth and sometimes a metallic taste in tongue.

  • Often Feeling thirsty, you will notice a craving for Cold Water or Any Cold Drinks to fulfill the dryness inside your body.

Tip: Have some cold beverage like fruit shakes or smoothies. Drink plenty of water, keep your self-dehydrated.


  • Feeling Fatigued, Laziness and Sick.

  • Excessive Sleeping and Unexplained sleepiness from day and night.

Tip: Pamper yourself; get some enough rest because your body will prepare for a battle of anxiety and sleepless days soon.


  • Decrease of Libido.



  • Sudden Rise of Blood Pressure and Body Temperature.

Tip: Just try to take rest and enough sleep.


  • You will feel sometimes a Numbness of Muscles, Skin, Shoulder, Arms. Body Strains, from Back to lower Hip and Legs.

Tip: Ask anyone to give you a bit of massage to let the blood in your body flow accordingly. Have some soft massage or hot towel compress bed rest.


  • Skin itchiness and Peeling.

Tip: Avoid scratching your skin, as it may damage your epidermise and will be cause of skin stretches/marks.


  • Anxiety/ Insomnia.

Tip: Over the counter medicines and sleeping aids are available for anxiety.


  • Tenderness of Breast and high sensitivity.

  • Increase in Libido.

  • Water Retention and Several Trip to Comfort Room for Urinate.


A DAY BEFORE/ During Period


  • Feeling Depressed, Emotional, Stress, Mood Swings and Unexplained Anger.

Tip: You can manage your emotional depressions and stress by changing your attention into anything like watching movies, read some books, have some Spa to Relax or talk with a friend.

  • Hot,Tingling Sensation, Abdominal Cramps.

Tip: Have some Medicine for Dysmenorrhea.


  • Head Ache and Lightheaded.

Tip: Take some medicine available in Pharmacies for Head Ache.


  • Itchiness of the Nipples and Breast.

Tip: Apply some lotion or body oil to reduce the discomfort.




(Regular Exercise, Healthy Diet is also said to be very helpful to relieve the symptoms.)

I have been used to the signs of this now but still got confused many times before. Not all Women may have the same Symptoms as mentioned for it may all depend on their body system. All that are listed above can be Severe or lightly experienced by anyone undergoing on the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

Do you have similar symptoms from above mentioned? Then, you must likely have a pre-menstrual syndrome. 


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