How CONFLICTS helps the relationship Grow?

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He never understands me!

She is a narrow minded!

I am feed up with this relationship!

Enough, I don’t wanna see you again!

 Whew! Intense, Isn’t It?

Relationship in any form, whatever and how ever you started it, it is always going through different stages and phases. Come to think of it, if two individual meet and decided to be together there is always an adjustment, there are always a conflict.

How do you feel if you have conflicts to your partner? Is the passion and flare gone? Or it helps both of you to know each other?

A conflict becomes the language of our relationship if you know how to handle it properly because it is our way to express our beliefs, our principles and our emotions towards the matter. I know if our emotions involve it is hard to control, it is hard to ignore. But if we learn how to give way, understand and listen to our partners, things become clearer. And afterwards you will realize, Oh! Why we argue on that matter?

I learned for so many years that arguing is an art where you can express yourself and stand from the things you think is right and fair. But not all times, you have to insist your point and become firm. You have to reconsider, explain yourself and set the record straight.

Always remember the one we are arguing is our partner that we promised to be together for better or for worst tell death do us part… So let the love cherished and grow even to the point you are having an argument with them.

Have a happy and lovely day Every One…. Love, Love, Love …………………. Mommy Lane

Photo credited to: Gerald of Pixabay

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11 thoughts on “How CONFLICTS helps the relationship Grow?”

  1. Me and my husband don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I like that we can talk about our differences without growing apart 🙂

      • can we create conflict…

        then to be at peace again, you will give me an expensive gift (no need to be expensive, just coffee at starbucks will do) .. please don’t throw at me… if it is coffee,

        • LOL creating conflict with you will be detrimental to my wallet. Let’s remain agreeable and save some cash. ha ha.

          • No I refuse those ideas… remain agreeable… save some cash… NO way…… I strongly disagree!!!! grrrrrrrr

  2. Conflicts and criticisms must be constructive, only then it can help grow a relationship.. otherwise they will be a way for breaking it!

  3. Most people think that conflicts are a bad thing. But like what the tips is all about, they are avenues to learn more about the other person and nurture the relationship. My wife and do not see things eye to eye in all things. It is when we take the time to productively work through our differences that we learn more about each other. Moreover, it helps us understand the other better.

  4. I have conflicts with my partner almost all the time but it’s okay because we are different people. It’s just a matter of respect and open communication.

  5. I think we can learn to discuss, debate(argue), compromise, etc. You can learn how to do these things affectively and postitively. Anything worth while takes work.


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