How Can You Get More Twitter Followers for Free

Most bloggers and internet marketers have Twitter accounts to promote their stuff. If you are a blogger, you must have a Twitter account to get more referral traffic. You have a huge potential to increase targeted traffic on Twitter if you know how to use this social network strategically.

Do you wonder how you can get more Twitter followers without buying some automated services to follow people on your behalf?! Honestly, you don’t have to buy Twitter followers. I’ll talk about some disadvantages of buying Twitter followers:

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  • Your followers are fake
  • Your followers may not be interested in your content or offer
  • Your followers are inactive Twitter users

Have you ever tried to buy some twitter followers? If not, good for you. You don’t have to spend bucks to get more Twitter followers. I’ll tell you the advantages of using this method below:


  • Get real Twitter users
    • Active Twitter users who are interested in your content
    • Twitter users who will retweet some of your awesome tweets
    • Twitter users who are individuals and not corporate entities

Fake Twitter users are useless. It will only represent a number of your followers, but it won’t help you promote your content at all. I have read some micro jobs sites like SEOclerks and Fiverr. I am sad knowing that some website owners are willing to pay some bucks for fake Twitter followers. It’s a complete waste of hard-earned money online!

Let’s get to the point! How can you get more Twitter followers? I mean – real twitter followers?

  • Log in to your twitter account and look for your competitors Twitter followers and follow them (but do not follow corporate accounts, choose all individuals with a good bio.)
  • Use Hashtags to search for Twitter users who are interested in your content. By doing so, you will see users who are bloggers, and readers who use the particular Hashtag you enter in the search box. If they do so, they are 100% percent interested in your content! Is it a targeted traffic, no?!
  • People who are followed will follow back. That’s Twitter. Most users are using a follow tool that will automatically follow people who follow them. Some users also follow people manually upon getting notifications from Twitter on their inbox.

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Is that enough?! No. Following users on Twitter is not enough to promote your content. If you want them to click your links, or retweet your tweets, you need to connect with them.

  • Retweet – give first
  • Read replies
  • Reply to tweets
  • Engage – visit their blogs or like them on Facebook
  • Tweet in less than 140 characters (am working on that) because short is sweet
  • Send private messages and do not sell something, talk to them instead
  • Be active everyday, not the entire day though (at least some couple of minutes and make it a habit – am practicing that, hopefully it’ll become my habit soon)

How about your Bio? Remember, you only have 160 characters in order to convince people to follow you and check some of your awesome stuff!

  • Is it good to make it sounds like a corporate business?
  • Or, is it more effective to make it sounds like individuals?
  • Does using a company logo attracts more real followers?
  • Or, is it more effective to use your head shot?!

If you will gonna ask my opinion, and opinion of some Twitter experts – make your Twitter presence sounds like an individual who is eager to talk to your followers like friends… that’s where engagement can better start with.

How if you don’t have the time to follow users?

Let me share my little secret. Just last week, I asked my sister to do the task for me. I give her different hashtags per day; she’ll search that on Twitter and follow users who have tweeted that particular hashtag! So far, it’s effective!!! Anyway, there are certain limits though, as long as this activity sounds natural, then I guess you won’t encounter a problem. I recommend you to review the Twitter Limits.

How can you get more Twitter followers recap:

Twitter has millions of active users each day, so make use of it. Promote your content on Twitter by increasing your twitter followers. Choose real people. Follow them so they will follow you back! Retweets, do not tweets all self-serving links! Make your tweets a resource of your followers. Engage, make a way to connect with them, even outside Twitter.

Note: Unfollow people who are not following you back, or unfollow users who are not real users at all (I am starting to do that, as well). However, do not unfollow them at once.

Follow me on Twitter and I will follow you back (plus retweet some of your tweets, see my Twitter timeline on the sidebar) – Follow me Now.

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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    • Hi Dima,
      You are welcome. Aside from Pinterest, Twitter is one of the most useful tools or medium to promote our content online. Twitter is perfect for all niche. Using the right hashtags on Twitter can really optimize search results. But one thing we should remember, we should not overuse it, just in a natural way (because I have done that mistake already)… Have a great day Dima 🙂

  1. hello
    thnx for this complete guidelines how to get twitter followers for free i every time try tips and tricks but i always fail thnx for sharing your idea bro will apply it soon

    • You’re welcome bro!!! I really insist that you will concentrate on Twitter bro… I will update my post about building PageRank soon, and I will discuss the importance of narrowing down our focus…. about social media.


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