How can we make our love burning each day after 10 years or more?

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I am a hopeless romantic and I always believe in true love, I love watching love story and romantic movies. I honestly get chilled to some romantic stories both in movies and in real life. But let’s face it in real life; it is not always in smooth sailing. We have to take good care of our relationship to make it stronger and sweeter each day.

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A lot of factors can affect and destroy the relationship of every couples, misunderstanding, third parties, financial problems, lack of love, trust, being busy to work, careers and a lot more. In connection with those elements than can possibly ruin our relationship, how can we make our love burning each day after 10 years or more?

Here are the simple tips I learned from the different couples I am able to chat, mingled or talked:

1. Do not pro long the misunderstanding. If both of you are still in anger and can’t hold on the emotions, allow yourself to cool down. Be active, do something then after wards if both of you can talk and explain things, settled it.
2. Respect each other and as much as possible allows each other to explain their sides and listen.
3. Do not allow the day passed by without expressing how much you love and care to your partner by saying “I Love You” or hug him/her. I was in high school when I heard this advice from Tiya Dely; she is one of the radio announcers in DZRH who gave advices in Life.
“Give your partner a 20 second kiss each day to bring the fire in your relationship”.
4. Go out and have a date with your partner and explore new places together even once a month.
5. And I heard this advice from most Mommies I am able to talked; do not forget to take good care of yourself for your partner and for your family.

Have a happy and peaceful life everyone…

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  1. These are splendid tips. I think they will work even if a couple is less than 10 years together. I think the most important part of being in a marriage is to be committed to the relationship.


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