How Can I Help My Baby To Sleep Through The Night When Teething

It’s a common challenge during motherhood phase where need to let your baby sleep through the night especially when teething. Babies have problem to sleep during the night due to teething discomfort and they will cry that cause mothers need to wake up couple of time at odd hours in the night to comfort them.

You definitely can’t escape on sleepless nights as it’s a life for most new parents that need to go through but surely there are ways that can help to reduce the suffer of tiredness and let them sleep well in the night.

Here are some useful tips that actually can help reduce the discomfort of teething and let your baby sleep well:

1. You can get advice from pediatrician or dentist to get your baby an appropriate dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen that can help to reduce the pain and discomfort during teething.

2. Before sleep, you can provide teething toys or rings that designed with for chewing that can let baby bite and comforting them. It’s best to let these toys to cool inside refrigerator as coolness can help to reduce the teething pain.

3. Give baby a piece of handkerchief and let them play with it while they sleeping. When they have teething pain, then it can easily get for a bite and chew but you need to make sure the handkerchief is in clean condition and frequent change it to ensure hygienic in place.


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5 thoughts on “How Can I Help My Baby To Sleep Through The Night When Teething”

  1. Teething babies really need those tips to make them comfortable. This is a good guide to young mothers.

  2. There are teething gels which will help babies be relieved from the discomfort. These are actually local anesthetics used by dentists before extracting a tooth to make it numb. However, the use of these teething gels should be minimal.

  3. Nice tips, I would not suggest any thing provided to kids for chewing though. It will only create hygiene and denture related problems.

  4. When I was a baby, my mother told me that she went to the pharmacy and got something called “paregoric” that she rubbed on my gum and it took away the pain, so that everyone could sleep. When I had our son, I thought it was worth a try, but when I went to the pharmacy, I was told that I couldn’t buy it, as it was now, classified as a narcotic drug! (oops)


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