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Living in the Philippines is much safer than living in other places especially if  are not from that place. Usually that happens when we go to greener pastures trying to earn more to send to our families to have a better life. Here in the Philippines you have your family and sometime extended family members staying with you.

I lived in the US alone for the 5 years I was their working. I used to live with other Filipinas so it was ok. But the last 2 1/2 years I lived alone because my room mate had to transfer. I lived in a brownstone apartment just 6 apartments and three floors. I lived on the 3rd floor, good for exercise because no elevators. Now it was kind of scary even if the neighborhood was nice and peaceful, but you always have to be alert no matter what.

Some of the things I did to ensure my safety I would like to share. These were my tips and what I really did. My apartment had 2 bedrooms so the smaller one I made into a storage room and had the window shut and locked but there was no way anyone can climb up the wall but just to be sure i never left it open. I bought curtains for all the windows so they can not see in.We had a 3 year contract so when my roommate had to move she paid for her share for 1 year even though she moved. So here were some things I did to keep safe.

  • For the front door I had a barrel bolt lock that could be locked with a key so when I go out the door knob and barrel bolt lock could be locked from the outside. I also had a chain bolt inside so at night I had 3 locks for safety.
  • Never open the buzzer door lock of the main door if it buzzes. I always ask who and if no answer or a common reply of delivery, I don’t bother. Always look thru the peephole before opening and if you have to open do not take off the chain lock so you can open with a safety measure.
  • I had a baseball bat or anything that can be used for protection behind the door so when you have to open it is within reach.
  • The kitchen back door was more of a problem. I lock the screen door and the wooden door handle lock. I also had a chain lock placed. People would laugh but I always placed a chair on the door. Sort of leaned the back of it on the handle so it won’t open easy. No harm in being safe.
  • My main problem was the window which had no lock. It was a wooden frame glass window and the lock on top was broken off. So I had a curtain over it. Since it opens on the kitchen counter, I placed empty bottles in front of the curtain. Ketchup bottles, soft drink bottles or any big bottle. I would put some water for weight. The purpose was that if anyone who opens the windows would knock them over and alert me in the bedroom. Crashing bottles are noisy.
  • I always lock my bedroom door. I had another baseball bat near my bed and another strategically placed near the door. My telephone was next to my bed. And I had a small BB gun that looked like a regular hand gun under my pillow. It was registered along with the riffle BB gun. Given to me by my daughter’s father. You can never be too lenient when it comes to your safety too bad I was not able to bring them home.

Another thing you should do is always change the locks of all the doors when you move in, you can never be sure if the former tenants still have a copy. Sometimes it comes with the contract that would require the landlords to change them but if not ask if you can.

So these were my personal home safety tips I used while I was living alone. Hope they would help those who lives alone too no matter where. I lived in Chicago, Illinois but luckily the north/west and north/eat areas.



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14 thoughts on “Home Safety Tips When Living Alone”

  1. on the contrary, here where I am .. i feel ok.. No disrespect, ma’am Daisy, but maybe depends on the location. I sometimes forget my keys still in my motorbike and go shopping but the bike is still there. I can also leave my things in the motorbike like the goods I bought but they were never lost.

    the only things scary here are the lizards and snakes..

      • i live in North Thailand, border of Laos and Thailand. It is pretty safe here,
        but when it comes to lizards and snakes… that’s the scariest

        • that is good especially if you are also Asian? but for another place like from the US Russia where they barely speak English, probably be scary to them especially the big lizards lol we got big ones here too that makes a “tuko” sound at night

          • tuque or tuko here are nothing… LOL.. they want to make my door as hang out… salamander, argh! so big… I even saw a komodo dragon .. (nothing just on the loose). snakes.. terrifying

            so I guess it is “wild life” is more dangerous here. in my place

          • you bet.. i was like a statue, every time there is/are near me. argh! told you more dangerous here in terms of wild life.

  2. When I was alone, my biggest fear was being sick or injured. I would alert a boss that if I didn’t show up for work without a call, send police to check on me.


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