Hobby… Making the best out of the photos

f154553480Another fantastic way of combining  self expression and a photography as a hobby is by putting words on the photos on the captured pictures.   There are so many quotes and wonderful passages that we can use to express ourselves.

I got this idea from the facebook where there are so many inspiring, funny and exciting quotes passing on.    I didn’t have any quotes I wrote myself but I usually take quotes from quote sites.   My facebook account is so restricting only to family and dearly trusted friends, so I use this photos to inspire, motivate and also to give a little laugh to  my family and friends.

If the author is available I make sure that I include the author’s name to acknowledge the person.  but usually they are anonymous or unknown.

I just do this for fun.


This photo was posted as my New Year


When I was still writing in the other site I see to it that I used my own photos.  So I really edit and think of good pictures to use.  One of my favorite topics to write was reflective articles or self help.  This time I used NIngning as the subject.


The photos can be funny too.

having problems... be logical
having problems… be logical


IF you like to read the texts, click to enlarge





 Some photos can be used also for “dramatic”  inspirational and motivational messages.













tips How to make expressive and meaningful photos?

1.   Choose a photo with a good expression.  Some photos are just snap shots  (which is better).

2.  Study the expression of the subject and the background.  Use the saying appropriate to the expression.

3.  Don’t type on the “face” of the subject as much as possible.

4.  Choose short quotes or sayings so that texts won’t clutter the space.   If long quote is inevitable make sure to provide spaces for the texts.   It is just a matter of editing.

5.  Save the photo with a different filename so you won’t mess up with the original photos.

Just have fun… don’t be stressed….  have fun doing it.



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Life is a journey. Learn from every step of it.

63 thoughts on “Hobby… Making the best out of the photos”

    • phew… thanks for that…

      I always dream of selling those photos… (as if someone will buy the picture where I posed as a model)… hahaha

  1. I like to do this too making pictures with sayings or even prayers but ususally when i need them for my post.

  2. You’re so good at working with photos. You could start your own business. I’m sure people would love to have you change a plain photo into something really special. Your creativity is really awesome. 🙂

    • @jenny1015:disqus gave me sites where I can sell my photos… you know that it has been my dream to sell these photos…
      do you think I should buy a high end camera?

      • @mavic123456:disqus
        A high end camera? Once you’re really selling “maybe”, but your gift is you, not a camera. You do wonderful with whatever you have – trust me, if you saw what I take, you’d laugh and never doubt it again :)))

        • hmmm.. really? now you are really motivating me. I hope I will be able to sell these pictures or make money out of them. (whispers to you, so I can buy a high end digital camera) LOL.. thanks

      • I don’t think you need one. You’re good with whatever you have. But with a high end camera you’d be a photography wizard. It might be worth it if you can sell your pics. The better the camera the more you could make. $$$$ If you do this good with a regular camera I can’t imagine what you could do with a high tech one. 🙂

        • hmmm let me think, having a new camera is like a vacation going to cambodia or singapore. maybe, I can choose only to buy a camera or take a trip… any suggestion?

          • Buy the camera, take the trip another time. It’s fun to have a new toy. And when you finally go on your trip you’ll have a great camera to take pics with. 🙂 Take a vacation to the US. Your room is waiting for you. Only you have to share it with Star. I’ll just move her litter box to another room. hahaha

            No nap? haha

          • wow.. I am sharing room with Star? LOL. you will see us both in the garden.. pleaseeeeee… don’t dare it will be a feast for star for going out all the time.

            litter box?? ewwwwwwwww… stinky

            ok wait for me…

          • Yes, you and Star. You can take her out all the time but only on her leash. And not at night, too many coyotes. You’ll like my yard, it’s mostly grass with 3 big old maple trees at the back and some bushes. Star likes it up there in that part.

            Yes, litter box. No smell – expensive odor-killing litter.

            I wrote this reply early this morning and then forgot to post it. LOL too many windows and tabs open. I keep losing track of everything.

          • hahaha better late than ____ hahaha..

            oh well I love coyotes, they look like the one in looney tunes right? never seen them in real yet.

            I will like your yard, i am sure… and the old maple tress where I will get maple syrup for our early morning pan cakes.

            I don’t like litter box in the room.. argh! sharing room with star. hmp!

          • Better late than dead. 🙂

            Wile E. Coyote – yeah. Only better looking. You probably won’t see them here either. They usually only come out when no one’s around – 1am-4am.

            My neighbor beat you to it. The maple syrup – I have a neighbor that taps the trees every year. I have 3 in my yard and there are more in the neighbor’s yards. They’re all in a row, going from one yard to the next, maybe 12 of them. Every year he makes maple syrup and gives us all a bottle each. It’s delicious. Maple syrup from our own trees but without the work. hahaha

          • ouch better late than dead.. isn’t it that’s how the formally say “dead”… say the late President Roosevelt..

            ouch… so maple syrup can just be harvested yearly not whole year round like the rubber tree.


          • Yes, that’s another use of the word late – the late so-and-so, rather than saying “the dead one”. hahaha

            Just once a year, that’s it. The bottle doesn’t last very long. I don’t know how much syrup he gets in one batch. I never asked. And I don’t know what he does with it. I mean, if he gets more than enough for us, what does he do with the excess? Maybe he sells it. When you boil it down and all the water is gone there’s not a lot left. A lot of the sap is water.

          • hahaha … there was a joke (Our former president still a mayor of a city then) The governor was late to attend to the party and everyone waited for him… so when the former president gave his speech his introduction was like this … He said… Vice mayor (surname), Members of the Council, Late Governor (surname) and constituents.

            hahahah hahaha did you get it?

            He? what’s his age, is he married?

          • hahaha Yes, that’s very funny. I’m sure it was a surprise to him to be referred to as “Late Governor”.

            He – hahaha I don’t know. There’s a family that lives in the second house next to mine and I think it may be one of the sons that does it. I seem to remember that it was a high school project for him but that was years ago. He enjoyed it and just kept doing it. Not sure if he’s the one that still does it. I never see them. The parents work and the kids are all grown. I don’t know if any of them still live at home.

          • hahaha joke…

            whaaaaaaaaaat you don’t know who your neighbors are? He gives you maple syrup from your maple trees… LOl

            that’s so cool

          • I don’t know many of my neighbors. He always leaves the bottle of syrup at the back door. He knocks on the door I’m sure but I’m probably asleep during the day when he brings it. When he first asked if he could tap the trees he talked to B.

            Yes, it’s cool having syrup from my own trees. They’re really old trees, very big and so beautiful. In the fall the leaves turn bright red and yellow. And orange. The brightness of the colors is amazing.

          • oh yes the maple syrup (in the bottle looks so delicious when processed.

            is the maple leaf a symbol in the flag of canada. My favorite flag. every time we are asked to make a flag I usually make a Canada flag.

            Your neighbor??? maybe he is Santa Claus putting a bottle of maple syrup at the back door.
            dont you have any plans of talking to him one day?

            please don’t cut the tree until I hug it. ok?

          • It IS delicious! I love maple syrup.

            My mother loved maple leaves. She had a scrapbook with some really beautiful ones that she found – they were red, yellow and orange, some of them more than one color. She waxed them and put them in her scrapbook. They wax preserved them in all their natural beauty.

            My neighbor? hahaha If it’s Santa he’s coming a little too early. Why would I want to talk to him? About what? I don’t even know them. I’m not a very social person.

            I’ll never cut those trees. You can hug all 3 of them if you want. 🙂 They’re so beautiful. If you stand under them and look up you can’t see the sky. It’s like standing under a roof of leaves. I have a lawn chair up there. It’s a great place to sit. And it’s nice and quiet here most of the time.

          • i can imagine the taste and actually taste it. and so the colors are nice too even the syrup itself. is it really golden brown or only when it is processed.

            why not it is nice knowing some neighbors especially if are you are along at home you h ave someone to call in case of emergency. just like the ghost busters… if there is something strange in your neighborhood… who you’re gonna call? LOL

          • I don’t know what color it is before it’s processed. I’ve never seen the sap coming out of the tree. He puts a thin hose into the tree for the sap to run out of into a big barrel, so the sap isn’t visible.

            They all work and I’m not sure if he still lives there. I think it’s his parent’s house and he may have moved out. He must be in his 30’s now. But no one’s home in the daytime. Not a lot of my neighbors are home during the day and I sleep a lot during the day. I guess I’ll have to call the police or I could call the Ghostbusters. LOL. Let’s just hope that nothing strange happens.

          • see he might be my “prince maple charming” LOL. Maybe you can scrape a little on the trunk to see the sap. the rubber tree has white sap.. (and really rubber). I am just imagining putting a stick and having the sap there twirl and eat the maple syrup just like that.

            nothing strange will happen I am just kidding you…

          • Oh, so sorry. He may be too young. Or married by now. Maple trees have very thick bark on them. I don’t think I can get any sap that way. And I’m not sure if you can eat the sap right out of the tree like that. hahaha It might not taste so good.

            Nothing strange ever happens in my neighborhood. In my HOUSE maybe but not the neighborhood. LOL

          • ahhhh…LOL… i just imagine the willie wonka… looks delicious to me. yes and just like that. I am one of the kids who will compete in the willie wonka I will be the one who will be eliminated first. LOL

          • Willie Wonka maple syrup? Hmmmm…..

            No, I think Willie would want to keep you around for quite a while. hehehe

          • hmmm… yes, the maple tree that gives maple lollipops. .

            LOL I will get fatter i hope he has candies and chocolates with zero calories and fats lol

          • Maple sugar is very fattening. hahaha And I’d love to see maple sugar lollipops hanging from my trees.

            Do they have maple syrup in Thailand? Even thought it’s made locally here it’s very expensive. But people pay the price because we can’t live without it, at least in New England. LOL There is cheaper maple syrup but it’s not pure maple syrup. And made by the big food companies – you know what I think of them. : /

          • here yes, but not locally made, they don’t have maple trees here. so where to find these kinds of goods.. Only to the shop where tourists go.. LOL not in any local store…

            I like it in pancake. oh my I miss eating pancakes with maple syrup.

            i wish my eggplant is maple lollipops. I have so many yellow and green eggplants here now.

          • Only in the tourist shops – it must be expensive then. I love it on pancakes too. I love pancakes.

            Your eggplants are growing good then? At least you’ll have plenty to eat. I might try eggplant. I never liked it but that was a long time ago. Maybe I can coat it like fried chicken and fry it. I might like it that way.

          • my eggplant plant grew so big now but I never harvested any of its fruit. I just like looking at those round tiny berries.

            yes you can try cooking them in all you want. I love it better with mayonnaise. (anything goes with mayo)

          • What berries? Do eggplants have berries on them?

            Mayo – when I was a kid I used to make mayo sandwiches. Just mayo on the bread with nothing else. Somebody should make a cookbook with all the things that kids eat. The stuff they make up themselves. It might be interesting. hahaha

          • oh.. uh… LOL.. aren’t eggplants a kind of berry? OMG

            yes.. now mayo on the bread and nothing else. but i like the mayo on the eggplant too.

            but you know here, they eat raw eggplant. or sometimes put in the papaya salad just like that.

          • hahaha I thought they were a vegetable. So you’re calling the eggplant itself a berry? I wonder if it can be called that. Okay, I looked it up (didn’t you know I would?). Wikipedia says “The fruit is botanically classified as a berry”. You are SOOOOO right!

            I would prefer something else on the bread besides mayo but being a kid I didn’t care. hahaha Once in a while I ate a little of it right out of the jar. :-O I don’t do that anymore. hahaha

            I put summer squash raw in a salad. I wonder how the eggplant would taste like that? With lots of Thousand Island dressing. mmmmm

          • phew… I wrtoe that in wikipedia LOL no just kidding.
            but it scares me too because I had been telling my students here that it’s not a vegetable but fruit. phew.. phew.. sweating here..

            i don’t know my sister always warns me about too much mayo. i want to stop it, but it’s like …………. so addicting.

            i don’t know what summer squash is, but, eggplant? really they ate like that and I am not sure if it is ok with a thousand islands dressing.

          • I was surprised because I think everyone here calls it a vegetable. Not sure though. I never asked anyone what it was. I just always thought it was a vegetable. hahaha

            I love mayo but don’t eat it a lot. If I ate the stuff I loved I think I would be a walking health hazard.

            Yellow squash. I’ll send you a link. It’s very mild tasting. I’ve seen some people slice it and fry it in butter. I only like it raw in salads. Everything goes good with Thousand Island. hahaha Except peanut butter. heh.

          • is it really called Thousand Island, without “s” not Islands? well the Philippines has 7107 islands… if low tide and 7105 if high tide LOL just kidding about the low and high tides.

            but will the condensed milk goes with your Thousand Island? too much promotion of it. I am a mayo loyalist..

          • Yes, I just looked at the bottle and it’s Thousand Island. No “s”.

            hahaha That’s funny about the high and low tide. Clever. It had me thinking for a minute. haha

            I don’t think condensed milk goes with Thousand Island. I have one brand that I buy but I don’t quite like it. So I mixed a little mayo in it and it was perfect. When I make potato salad I put a lot of mayo in it and a little Thousand Island. I love mayo on most everything. I mean for sandwiches. Thousand Island I only like in salads.

            A mayo loyalist? hahaha

          • yes a mayo loyalist… I can make a club here .. MCNCM … Mayo club. No condensed Milk.Ok now I know that a thousand island has no S at the end. so when I teach. There are one thousand island in this country.

          • Can I join even if I don’t live there? I love mayo too.

            When speaking of more than one island you have to put an “s” on the end because it’s plural. The name of the salad dressing, however, is a proper noun and therefore doesn’t have to be correct, I guess. I don’t know why it’s not pluralized but I’m guessing there’s a reason. The name presumably came from the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River between the US and Canada, according to Wikipedia. But there’s no mention of why there’s no “s” on the end. So you would teach your students “There are one thousand islands in this country” with an “s” on the end. 🙂

          • too late I told them that my mother told me that the thousand island has no “S” lol.

            yes, join us. it would be fun and fattening. to start with… you have to dance naked on the full moon… and put mayo on the face… then chant.
            M… mmmmmm A – ahhhhhh Youuu

            can you do that.. then you are welcome to the club.

          • hahahaha You’re very bad. Most words that are plural have an “s” on the end. There are a few exceptions – octopus is octopi, fungus is fungi (could also be funguses) and there are others. I forget why some words don’t have an “s”. Okay, English lesson is over.

            Dance naked? Mayo on my face? I don’t mind the chanting but, uh, I think I’ll pass. haha

          • I don’t like to add sis after Octopus it will sound awkward… and I can’t imagine saying that to my students.

            yes, you have to do those things. all members do that.. ok fine.. remove the mayo on the face…

          • No, you don’t add “sis” to octopus. Just o c t o p i. That’s it. No sis. The “pi” is pronounced like the Greek “pi” or like in apple pie. So you have octo – pie.

            Oh, thanks. But dancing naked might frighten my neighbors to death. hahaha

          • who the maple syrup man or the two grandmas who can hardly see. LOL no problem they can’t see you anymore.. .well that’s the Russian man said. remember him?

            octopus when add “ies” wouldn’t sound so good. LOL

  3. You’re such a good photographer. Could you start earning from your hobby – offline? Say, a wedding, an anniversary, whatever special event someone wanted? Keep a portfolio of your best work and show it around and/or print up business cards.
    What have you got to lose?
    What have you got to gain?

    @mavic123456:disqus WHY NOT YOU?

    • why not thanks for these suggestions. I really do appreciate your wonderful appreciation to my work.

      **teary eyes here.. yes… I have nothing to lose but I would definitely gain everything! yes!

      • @mavic123456:disqus
        **teary eyes**? Nooo, happy smiles. I know of several people that did this right in their own country’s, states, neighborhoods even. With different things that they did well – one was making chocolates, another was baking cupcakes and cakes, and still another was photography!

        (they were not all in the USA)

        Your camera is fine, I’ve seen what you can do with it, and it’s exceptional – you’re the one with the gift, Mavic!

        As to the photographer, and by the way, all of them were women *big smile*, she offered to photograph a wedding for a good friend, as her “gift” to them – from that she received inquires to other events, that were more than willing to pay her!

        Weddings, wedding receptions, anniversary party’s, company events, you-name-it, she was so busy, she had to hire help! And she still gets top dollar.

        So, why NOT YOU?

        Give options: Writing on photos or not? (everyone is different, your photo’s stand alone or do well with writing, also) These people did not do this online – mostly in the evenings or on weekends, when most events such as were in demand occurred.

        Eventually she quit her day job and opened her own studio, and did appointment-only baby, child, family photos, or whatever someone wanted – at very high prices, but her reputation, as I’m sure yours is, was that good! 🙂

        • wow very inspiring story… now you really motivated me. I have to think of the good subjects… so I can focus on them… at this point my subjects are the innocent but sting-y ants. and of course the wild grass and flowers hahaha

          I really do appreciate your words.. thank you so much ..

          I am now thinking making a portfolio and trying to see all the photos that I have taken and thinking of the good captions for them.

          You inspire me so I did this for my sister’s birthday.

    • we are not human beings, are we? remember we are aliens??? show me your leader, we come in peace…

      seriously thanks… I do appreciate people paying a little attention to my work. (a true KSP) hahaha.


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