Hobby… Capturing Special Moments


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I would say that one beautiful hobby is photography.   Actually I really love taking pictures.   It is one of  my off the medicine rack stress relievers.

The coming out of the digital cameras in the market with amazing megapixels made it easy for photography enthusiasts.   Thanks also for the phones nowadays with embedded cameras and also the  huge extra storage capacity is a bonus.    The application software that can work magically on the taken photo really is a jackpot.   This is just an easy as 124.. oopsies.. 123 I mean,  aim and shoot.  Missing like 124 is not a problem because you can always delete the picture you don’t like keeping.

Living in the world with a vast source of beauty,  the subjects and models will surely not run out.   Some people who go gaga over taking pictures love to use food, children, and even some selfie poses (taking endless self photos without being included in the narcissism complex) as subjects.  Why not I told we live in a world full of beautiful things.

Photographs or pictures are one great way to remember the great memories of the past.    These are for keeps … moments taken, smiles captures, happiness kept… no one can beat that.  It stays on forever.. from your generation… to your grand children’s grand children.

Aren’t we lucky that we are able to enjoy technology and nature at the same time?

Here are some ideas of the subjects you may aim and shoot free of charge.


All photos were taken by my digicam… LOL


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27 thoughts on “Hobby… Capturing Special Moments”

  1. Wow! very nice subjects! I love the “Christmas decor and How long is your tongue?” ha ha ha! very beautiful shots!

    • I thought I have replied to this, what happen to my reply.. my apologies.. ma’am simplewoman…

      My reply was, you can use that photo if you like and make it a christmas card.

  2. You have an eye for capturing great photos! Love them all! I hope that when we get the chance to see each other and you’d think of taking a picture of me, I’d also look as lovely as those! LOL

    • ahh yeah… I love every moment too. you know here i can still see a lot of creatures and animals extinct in our place already.. so i try to capture them and send them over to my brother… for his kids pictures in science.. at least not plagiarized…

      my nieces and nephews often called me weird photographer for taking mostly bugs, animals and trees.. and sun hahaha whatever…

      • Lol … but you made them star by your lenses, with this bunch of images I love the “Don’t mess up” look at the ant, pose like a real model… Happy weekend.

          • @katlnhat

            i forgot I have read in my email that you asked me “how are you?” but I can’t find it. Don’t like to be rude… i will just answer your question here. LOL.

            I am just fine… the house in the Philippines was hit (again by typhoon) but in consolation the price of the fish per kilo is very very very… low.. according to my sister. Personally, I am just OK

          • welcome @nitinnair89:disqus you should have told me you are interested to join here so I could be your referrer… tsk tsk tsk..

            anyway, why… are you okay?

          • I am already here @Mavic. I mean i am on Disqus, I have been trying hard to find you ever since we left from mylot and bubblews.
            Please mail me, or give me your email ID so that we can talk there 🙂
            I hope you don’t mind.

          • not disqus.. in d2dtips… if you are joining this site you tell me.. LOL. we can talk here nit.. there is a private message here too. like mylot. this is practically similar to mylot. but a higher level.. you know no article about neighbors with a sweaty armpit topic. LOL…

          • friends? ohh too sad to hear this. it is okay I am still here worry not. I can always be with you.

  3. I like photography too my I wish I could have one of those high end ones so there will be no problems with focusing and lights

    But I take lots of pictures with my digicam I rarely use my cellphone cams

    • i don’t have high end camera too. I wish I have…but at this point I am thankful to some software that can make my photos into better ones.

  4. I do too, “IF” I could remember to take the camera with me and I use a free online photo editing software, so they won’t be too large. Of course, those last (a lot of them) of crystals were uploaded to the computers, deleted from the camera and ……………gone!

    Ours aren’t high end cameras either, but they work. Now, if I could get those photo’s back…..

    We use a free online storage that gives us a free 50 Gigs account, so we can really put a lot of photos there. Storage in the cloud.

    • that’s nice… 50 gig.. wow… I put some pictures in picasa but I forgot my password and my old email account…

      After the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy hit us in 2009, we made sure that all the photos we saved will be digitized… so we did.

      don’t forget to bring your camera anywhere you go… have it with you. it is nice to capture special moments really.

    • hahaha… i think it is such a cozy condominium… Have fun staying there while Papa Smurf is having his vacation to Bahamas.


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