Here I go now, sharing my world with you.

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Our decision to shift to a semi rural town was a good one what with pollution, teaming millions that share the limited source of oxygen, packed trains, packed buses, serpentine ‘Q’s at every set up be it malls, post office, banks- the list is serpentine too (lol)

I had this idea of building my own house which I could only do if I shifted from a city where with the price of land being what it is one would not even touch it with a barge pole.
Our decision was the right one. Everything fell in place. My design and my dream became a reality.
Here I am kept merrily on my toes looking forward to the day each morning, thanking Almighty for making it happen.
Our pets have enough space to run around. They are never leashed. They are safe as there is a wall round our property high enough for them not to seek to escape.

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