Helpful Tips For Dealing With A Career In The Military

A career in the military is one of the toughest out there. The worst part about it is coping with everything that goes on. If you’re in the military, are thinking about joining, or just got discharged, I have some advice to help you deal with it all:

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Life Before The Military

In many cases, the struggles of military life begin before you’re deployed. It’s during those few weeks when you’re waiting for orders where you start to get doubts. Many people get very afraid and almost quit before they begin. My tip is to remain calm. If you ever have a panic attack, breathe in a calm and controlled manner. You have to, mentally, prepare yourself for life in the military, or it will be hell for you.

Life In The Military

The biggest struggle for servicemen and women is being far away from family. Depending on where you’re deployed, you could end up on the other side of the world to them. The distance can feel so much further than it is. It’s excruciatingly painful to be away from your loved ones for so long. You miss them, and they worry about you. To help deal with this, you should keep in contact with them as much as possible. Always send letters and ask them for pictures. If possible, phone them or hop on a computer and Skype away. Do whatever you can to make sure contact is never broken between you.

Also, some people struggle to deal with the workload. Military life can be very demanding and stressful, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Lots of people in the armed forces suffer from depression and mental illnesses because they feel they can’t do the work. My advice is to make sure you’re destressing in your down time. Speak to your fellow troops so you don’t fall into depression and try and stay positive!

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Life After The Military

For a lot of veterans, the worst part of life in the military is what comes after it. When you’ve been doing the same thing for many years, it can be hard to readjust to everyday life. Being a military veteran could mean you’ve been in some of the toughest situations and places on earth. You may have seen things that normal people will never see or experience in their lifetime. This can have a lasting effect on your mind and mental health. It’s important that you see a doctor or therapist, if you’re struggling to cope with life after the military.

The biggest joy in getting discharged is that you get to go back home to your family. You spent years away from each other, and it was very hard. Now, you’re back, and you can finally be a proper family. Many people look to buy a family home using the savings they accumulated from years in the military. Also, all veterans qualify for VA home loans that can help finance a house. I think it’s important you get your family life sorted when you return home. You want to buy a home and live like a normal family. Spend time with your family and it will make it easier for you to settle back into normal society.

Hopefully, this guide can help anyone that is looking for advice on coping with military life. It’s a tough career, but one that is also very rewarding.

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