Hello after 2 1/2 Months

This is not a tip but I know the moderators made some post about delays. I have not written here since my last post 9-30-14. I have noticed things were not running smoothy and I have been waiting patiently for some changes or more info. I am sad to see nothing has changed. I don’t know about the others but mine hasn’t. I read that the amount of pay differs on the number of words and I have been trying to make mine more than 300 at least usually 500-800 but I noticed the pay is the most minimal?? I mentioned it and they said they are looking into it 2 months I think is long enough. Seems like all my posts get paid .01.

Also I would think my passive posts would get some passive income especially if there are newbies who would join and read. I think I have made a few good posts. I have even won in some of the contests.

If these problems are within my account only please tell me what the problem is? I am making this post so maybe the moderators would get moving and activate this site, make it back as it was. I am also openly asking if there are those who have been paid. I have been here quite a long time, when I started on march 2014 we were barely 200 now we have 431.

We only need a few active people who will also help advertise the site. I have not written anything bad bout this site on any other writing sites, in fact I have even recommended others.

We all complained about how Bubblews are not saying anything please don’t make this site the same. It was nice to be able to earn even $2-3 a month because it adds up. I have a few sites which pays me $1-5 a month and it all adds up. I have been planning to try to be more active here to earn $2- up a month.

Every time I look in the site, the things are the same, the same sticky post (so how would we get a chance), mostly new members writing.

Please correct things and bring back the site and the activities here. People are writing about a new site TSU. I joined too but not as active hoping I can earn.

So I am asking the moderators to show transparency and explain. If it is my account only I would appreciate a PM on FB and an explanation. I loved this site. I learned a lot and gained new friends. I have also earned a good amount.

Hoping I don’t offend anyone and I have no intention of doing so. I just want the site back up and active and moving. I do not go out of a site if it stops paying but an explanation would be nice. On PAA I also became inactive for a while but when the admin gave out explanations and kept us updated I tried again and then they started paying , a new rule as soon as you reach $1.00 and there is money they will pay and I got paid. Same with Bubblews they stopped but then they paid me again. Maybe they have been upgrading and stats are low and slow but I got paid even some of my missing ones.

So I am still here, just waiting and hoping for updates. This more than 600 words so I hope it will appear on my earnings list with the proper amount. I also hope the previous one will also be corrected 800+ words but only .01. And surprisingly no visitors or comments? It seemed like a good topic.

Good day everyone.


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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

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  1. Yes you’re totally right! Day2daytips have become so inactive with its moderators and admins, they’re also not replying to emails as they used to before, I have sent them an email asking them about my visits number to my posts, I have 2 posts in which they show 0 visits but 15+ comments which surely proves that I have visits but the admins are not updating the reports and my earnings are not getting updated! I’m losing hope with this site, so far I have about 16 posts and not more than 2$ for my 2 and a half period in this site.. Where are the admins?? Not responding to users.. Is this how we were promised to be in when we first joined this site!?

      • I have received a reply to my email and that’s what admin Prime said,

        ” I have read your comments. Anyway, we admit that we are currently experiencing a kind of glitch in the back office. This is the reason too that we withhold payments temporarily. That said, we are working on something to bring back the community we are trying to build since the beginning.

        While this may take some time, we are still asking your cooperation.

        FYI: Your views are intact, we have it tracked on our analytics.


        It looks like there are some issues in the site concerning earnings and things but they’re working on fixing this and we hope to see this happening as fast as possible, I replied telling him to put some announcements about this issue to keep the writers and the community up to date also not to rise many wonders and more questions about what’s happening…

  2. Hello Rana and Daisy. Yes, I would admit that we have

    experienced some glitches on the back end. But we will try to catch up. We will
    try to make this site as lovely as before. I admit that we became too busy with
    our own lives, personally, I have found a way to be here as often as possible
    starting next year. That would be a long wait, but Day2DayTips is here to stay.
    I hope that you can bear with us and extend your patience.

    Regarding the views: though it’s not updated for your
    viewing, but we have your data intact on our analytics. We are not acting on
    the current situation because we are planning to change the system that is more
    transparent and favorable to us all.

    Feel free to consider this community as your own. Let’s keep
    growing despite obstacles.

    • Thank you for your reply I checked my earnigns and it went down I was surprised but then I saw in the corner my due pay I hope we could get that before christmas and maybe i will get a little more? I would like this site to be more active and updated. Now tha soon I will have more free time when my daughter goes abroad. Thank you

      • Daisy Nufable

        Yes, we have some great plans in 2015, and we are expecting to drive more visitors to read awesome tips published by motivators like you. Coupled with that, we will look more avenues so we can compensate the writers better. Thank you Daisy.

    • I also asked the moderators what’s happening here because nobody is posting about the “state of the D2DTips.” It is alright if there are problems, we could always understand; so we can do what’s the best thing to do next.Thanks for the update.


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