Health and Home Safety Tips to Ensure Holiday Christmas Cheers

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One important way to spread holiday Christmas cheers is to have fun during Christmas time.  The traditions about Christmas are numerous.  But one thing remains the same – the meaning of Christmas and that is love and sharing.  This holiday season is one of the most anticipated one throughout the year.  Moreover, preparations start way ahead of time giving everyone a chance to make each Christmas special.  But one of the most important safety topics that should be discussed is health and home safety during the yuletide season.

Discussing home safety and security is paramount since most people put this aside during festive times like holiday Christmas celebrations.  But health and safety should never put aside.  Here, you will be reminded of some practical activities and behaviors to ensure that this Christmas will be fun and safe for everyone.

Fire safety issues

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During festive celebrations like Christmas, fire safety issues are always a huge concern.  The main issue here is the amount of electrical load that your home’s electrical system can handle.  Putting on more lights that it can handle can be very dangerous – and fatal.  As such, it is prudent to follow these fire safety tips:

  • Use only certified lights and equipment
  • LED lights do not heat up as much as incandescent light bulb, you might want to check on these lighting alternatives
  • Use lights that are designed for outdoors to ensure they are safe. Using indoor lighting outside is just too risky.
  • Buy and use home safety products such as fire alarms, smoke detectors and even reliable circuit breakers
  • Switch off your Christmas lights and never let it run the whole night
  • Unplug lights and decorations to ensure better home safety
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Burglary and theft

Many families go out on a holiday Christmas trip during the Christmas break.  This is an opportune time for really rotten people to break in your home and clear out your house  Then again, some burglars are getting bolder and won’t wait for you to leave your home.  They’re willing to invade your home even if you are there. .  As such, it is prudent to keep these anti-theft tips so you won’t go to an empty home.

  • Invest on home safety products like CCTV cameras, alarms, motion detectors
  • Lock your doors – I know this sounds too simple but it does not hurt to remind you to lock your door
  • Lock up valuables.  If you have a safe in the house make sure you lock up all your valuables in there before you leave.  If you have a safety deposit box in a bank, that would be a good place to store it during your holiday get away.
  • If you have a home security company monitoring your system it wuld be a good idea to ask them to check on your property more often than usual during that time.  Of course it would be nice to give them a souvenir when you are back from your yuletide adventure.
  • Have photo-sensitive lighting installed.  This way, when it gets dark, it will automatically switch on even if you are not home.  This gives the impression than someone is in the house as opposed to having all lights switched off.  What is important is the perimeter lighting.
  • You can tell a trusted neighbor that you are out so you can have him/her check out your home every now and then.  If you will be gone for extend periods, it would be nice to ask them to get your morning paper so it won’t pile up in front of your door.  Another option is to ask whoever delivers your paper to stop delivering during specific dates.  Piles of newspapers in your front door are a lure to home invaders to step right in because no one is home.

Home safety through home safety products and common sense can deter theft and home intrusions during the holiday Christmas break.

Food safety issues

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Christmas time is a season of eating.  Many look forward to Christmas meals and are not shy to get a second or third helping of great food.  Part of holiday Christmas cheers is looking after your health.  Yes, during this season, you’d better watch out what you eat to keep yourself healthy and hopefully reach New Year.  Keep these health, eating and food safety tips in mind

  • Veer away from foods that you know are not allowed.  Some people have certain medical conditions that necessitate eating or in this case not eating some types of food.  It can be a challenging task but a little practice can help.
  • Never drink and drive.  And if you must drink, drink responsibly and don’t drive.  I know I just said that but it is worth repeating.
  • My uncle usually eats a lot of the healthy stuff first and when he is almost full that is when he digs in the less healthy ones.  It works for him and usually does not have room for the really greasy food.  Perhaps that will work for you.
  • It pays to have ant-allergy medications with you all the tie especially if you know you will be hopping from one place to another just to eat.  Of course it would always be best to know what you are about to eat before you actually sink your teeth in it.
  • When you are the one hosting a holiday celebration, it is prudent to have some sort of food safety management system.  Just remember to keep warm foods warm and cold foods cold.  Anything away from the ideal temperature can cause bacterial growth and spoilage easily.  Likewise it is important to keep your food preparation area clean.  Apart from the ingredients, it is imperative to keep all flatware and everything that will be used clean and sanitized.  Also, have an efficient way to manage your waste and trash.
  • It is a good idea to get as much help as you can get if you are the one hosting the event.  Getting a professional caterer is a good idea but it will set you back several hundred or even thousands depending on what you want.  At least you don’t have people throwing up or dropping dead on your living room.

Health and food safety is a concern that many do not give much attention.  But I tell right now, make an effort to be safe.  You deserve to live longer or at least enjoy the Christmas holiday.

Health and safety during holiday Christmas celebrations are important.  In fact, it should be given enough importance to ensure home safety, and the well-being of everyone.  With a few tweaks in what you do and what you buy for Christmas, you can make Christmas fun and safe for everyone.

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