Have A Little Faith

What drives you to go beyond your limits?  What drives you to become more than what you can be?  Whether it is jumping over life’s daily struggles or carrying the weight of tremendous challenges, you have to have faith.  When we face trivial obstacles in life we squeeze our way without an hitches.  But when the challenge becomes a little bit grimmer, what do we do?

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Have a little faith my friend.

Faith is the complete trust and confidence that we have on something or someone.  This is probably why most associate faith with religion.  If you do, then that is good for you.  If not, I’m sure you trust someone or something strong enough that it lets you face the challenge with a steadfast heart.   It is this faith that allows us to question what we can or cannot do.  Moreover, it is this same energy that offers us fuel when there seems none.  A little faith can bridge chasms and tear down barriers.  A little faith can change lives.

  • Learn to trust and start with yourself
  • Learn to accept limits but learn as well that limits can be challenged
  • Learn to share faith even if what you believe is different from what others see
  • Learn to be faithful

I have faith in God.  Perhaps you do as well.  Perhaps you don’t.  But I tell you, the little faith that you have inside of you can change lives.  And that same faith can change the world.

Have a little faith my friend.

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16 thoughts on “Have A Little Faith”

  1. I agree, with you. Can I disagree just for the sake of discussion? Nahhhh, I won’t because you have perfectly listed the simplest and practical suggestions to get over with trials.

    • You always make me smile @mavic123456:disqus. They are simple but they take so much will power that it can be draining. it will test one’s convictions and values. But it is worth doing.

      • I am happy that I make you smile. Thanks for that.

        Yes, battling the trials is not easy by can be done. I think it takes also the matter of maturity.

    • I had to perform CPR on my mom. No amount of training and experience can prepare anyone to see his mother die. I had to focus while being overwhelmed by fear, sadness, anger and all sorts of negative emotions. Our lives are not in our hands. But we can influence the change. After around 2 CPR cycles God said yes, you can have your mom back.

      • that’s impressive. That’s pretty scary, to do the CPR to the one you really love. presence of mind really is in your craft. and the knowledge of CPR saved your mother. Thank God.

        • I still find it creepy having to do CPR on my mom. when she woke up she was quite puzzled at what had happened. It was a scary experience.

          • i can imagine… good thing you know how to do the CPR, I really thought that this is a skill and a must to learn.

          • Been active with this stuff since high school. Any local chapter of Red Cross can teach anyone the basics. It’s a must still. you don’t know when you’ll need it.

          • I always wanted to learn this skill. but don’t have opportunity, we were given once but I don’t think I learned.

            what you did to your mother was not just a little faith, but really was a huge one.

          • We have to understand that our lives are not our own. We do what we can and the rest is all up to a higher power.

          • as always.. i can’t object so I will just knock my head on the table… as a sign of my agreement. (ocuh)

          • didn’t you know that it is more effective agreement than blood compact. You may want to introduce it to your staff. say.. tell them “if you agree with me knock your head on your table, once, if not twice”

          • LOL I’m sure they’re rather agree than disagree. 1 knock is a lot better than 2. I’ll try that in our next meeting.

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