Happy Call Pan — A Product Review

I was never good in cooking.  I mean I can cook but I consider cooking a lot of work.  I can’t cook without a recipe book (unless if I am just going to fry something).  I don’t know how to chop vegetables properly.  They are usually uneven.  However, my partner says my cooking are delicious.  I don’t know if that is for real or my partner happens to love me so much.  But still I want to be a good cook.  I don’t need to be a chef and have my own restaurant or anything like that, I just want to learn how to cook without ruining my pasta or burning the bottom of my chocolate chip pancake that is why I was influenced by my friend to buy the Happy Call Pan.

For those who are not familiar with it, it is a double-sided pan.  When cooking, you can cover it so the food you are cooking can be easily cooked.  Also, if you need to flip it, you do not need to use a spatula to turn the meat you are cooking.  You just need to cover the pan then flip it and viola!

Am I enjoy my Happy Call Pan? Not really.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. To begin with, I don’t think the kind of Happy Call Pan that I bought was the real thing because it only cost less than a thousand pesos (more or less $25).
  2. The pan is heavy to lift.  So when I am about to flip it, it is such an effort.
  3. Since the pan is quite heavy and the size is too big for our sink, I am having a hard time washing and cleaning it.
  4. The rubber in between the pan is loosen.  I have to tuck it in every time.
  5. It is not a non-stick pan.  Some of the food that I fry gets burn easily and it doesn’t fall off when I flip it.


I tried some of the recipes online specifically for the Happy Call Pan.  There were actually a lot.  They even had for chicken wings which I would love to make because I love spicy chicken wings.  I tried the Caramelized Apple Upside Down Cake because it really looked so easy.  I mean all I needed was a hotcake mix and some slices of apples and that’s it.  No other ingredients needed unless you want to add some spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.  Unfortunately, my masterpiece really looked awful.  I don’t know if it is because I just don’t know how to cook or my pan was not working how it was suppose to work.  I followed the instructions in the recipe book carefully.  I followed the measurements in every ingredients.  I caramelized the apples first with brown sugar as what was instructed.  When they were a little brownish, I poured the hotcake mix which I made separately while waiting for the apples to be caramelized.  When it was about to flip the pan, the cake did not fully turned upside down so I had to do some improvising.

The cake did not taste that bad but it was not good.  There are some parts that the mixture was not cooked well.  Thank God my dad did not notice it that he was able to eat half of it.

So what have I learned from this product? I learned that when it comes to buying cookware, we should always buy the real thing and not the cheap knock-offs.  If we cannot afford the original, then buy something cheaper but not the fake ones.  Buy a different brand.  In my case, I don’t use the Happy Call Pan anymore.  I did not pay 3,000 pesos for it but I wasted 1,000 pesos for something that I was not able to maximize its use.


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