Grown-Up Approaches To Spending Your Money

Good money management is something that comes with being an adult. However, it can take many of us a while to adopt these grown-up habits, usually amassing a lot of debt first.

Careless spending, a ‘buy now, worry later’ attitude and a lack of savings can lead to some serious financial problems, holding you back from important life stages like buying a house and getting married. It’s never too late to change your ways, however, and by taking a more mature approach to your finances, you can start to turn things around.

Develop a healthier relationship with money by taking these grown-up approaches to spending.

Sleep on your decisions

Impulse buying is easily done, but do you really need all of that stuff? In most situations, if you were to give it some more thought, you’d probably have left it and saved yourself some money. By sleeping on a decision of whether or not to buy something, you’re given yourself the time to talk yourself out of it, and that item that you ‘had to have’ will probably lose its appeal once it’s out of sight. If it helps, you can write yourself a pros and cons list of why you should/shouldn’t buy the item to help you make a more rational purchase decision.

Invest your money

Instead of throwing your money away each month and having nothing to show at the end of it, why not invest your money instead? Putting your money into stocks can help you plan for your future and help you to grow your assets. Do some research on different options before you decide which ones to buy – tools like Financhill can help you measure the performance of companies like MTCH to see if they’re a worthy investment. Speak to friends and family about their experiences of investing to get more insight into how it all works.


It can be tempting to put purchases like a vacation or a new designer handbag on your credit card, but unless you’ve got a plan to pay them off – you’re going to end up in a spending spiral that will be hard to pull yourself out of. The mature approach, of course, is to set yourself a budget and to start saving. A budget can help you manage your money from month to month, making sure you’ve got all of your bills covered to be able to afford those bigger purchases stress-free. There are many approaches you can take to doing things on a budget, so you don’t have to miss out on doing the things you want to do because you’re being frugal.

Being more adult with your spending might sound boring, but it will save you a heck of a lot of problems later down the line. Make it your aim to have some money left over at the end of the month that you can put aside into your savings, giving yourself a good starting point. While you might not want to grow up in other areas, growing up when it comes to your spending can benefit you at any age, helping you to plan for your future.

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