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I have been staying in hotels whenever I go to the city and need to stay overnight. Even if it is a group reunion and some friends offer their homes, I would rather stay at a hotel, I do not like to impose on people and I like to have my privacy, but that does not stop me from inviting others to stay in my house in the province. I guess that is what I am, I like to help but I do not like to impose. I do have relatives but as I said I do not like to impose on people, if I can help it.

It seems I have tried almost all the hotels except for a few. Most range from 1250 – 2000+pesos  depending on the hotel. But I finally found on less than 1000 pesos, a budget hotel, meaning just the bare necessities but comfortable and not so big. But good enough if you just need to stay overnight. Most of the hotels I stayed in had cabinets big area and great WiFi but the price was different and higher.

DSCN1136 (640x480)-horz-vert Go hotels can be found almost any where in the Philippines. This is the one in Iloilo just opened late last year. I love the color scheme and design. Green and yellow has a cooling and peaceful effect. Even the circles in their logo is nice. The upper pictures are the lobby area and even the comfort room for the public is clean. The lower pictures are the hallways of the floor I was in. It also has an elevator and what is good about this is the location. It is in the same building as a big mall – Robinson’s Plaza so you can shop, watch movies and eat just nearby, going down and walk out is all you need to do. The staff were friendly some maybe more than the others but all in all they were helpful. Also it has a security guard for your safety.Very calming theme.

DSCN1151 (640x480)-tileOne thing I always check out is the bathroom. Theirs is just right, some people complained of the smallness but I noticed those who complained were the foreigners, not really complained but mentioned about it, because of course they are bigger in size. As long as it is clean, with good running water, hot and cold is good enough. What I particularly liked about this is the shower, it is overhead and feels like rain when it falls. The also have the hose shower head but this was unique. The first time I experienced this in a hotel. Of course you only get the minimal toiletries like soap and shampoo but that is ok, I always bring my own, I take the free things home and give to my helpers so they can use it. I also make sure the floors are not slippery and they have a towel mat to step on.

DSCN1155 (640x480)-tileThey have different kinds of rooms, good for 2 and good for three; 1 bed or 2 beds. So I got the 2 single beds for me and my daughter. As you can see there are no extra tables and chairs because you are not allowed to eat inside. They have a small wall table which can be folded. I liked they had 2 pillows each and one was the memory pillow, the one with a neck support, I have one at home too and it was still firm. The mattresses were comfortable and firm, the air conditioning was good and I did have a good sleep. despite that I was on NPO (nothing per orem or by mouth) after 12 midnight because I had to have blood works done early next day. I usually drink a lot of water and the air con made my mouth dry but that was ok. The WiFi connection was not that great but if you intend to stay overnight because you have things to do and won’t be staying much in the room except to sleep, then that is no problem.

DSCN1154 (640x480)-tileAs I said it is a budget hotel and for the price I think it is pretty good. There are no cabinets but there is this small table where you can place your luggage and a place to hang some of your clothes. So for me if ever I need just a place to stay overnight and my finances is low, this would be a good place to stay. I would stay here again. I would rate this a 4 star for comfort and location.

So now I hope you know what is a budget hotel. Some people would check in and then make complaints. Read first about the place and know what to expect so you won’t be surprised.

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  1. This is a nice review and the pictures are fantastic. When i travel I try to find the best hotel deals and airfare packages. This is a huge help my friend.

    • yes if you won’t be staying much in the room this is a good place. I think they have branches all over and I think everything is about standard


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