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Bazaars are always there any time of the year.  But we all know that starting -BER months, they appear almost anywhere.  Recently, there was a Three-day Bazaar at the World Trade Center.  The participating brands were a lot and some of the brands are not available to common shopping centers.  If they are, they do not have sales all the time unlike with Bazaars like this.

The good thing about going to bazaars this time of year is it helps you do your Christmas shopping at an earlier time instead of waiting for November or December to do your shopping.  Another reason why going to bazaar is practical, it is because there are so many things to choose from.  I know it is like going to a mall since malls also have different stores available.  But with bazaars, like what I have mentioned earlier, they sometimes carry brands that are not available in malls.  They also have bigger discounts than what malls offer.  It is enjoyable to go to bazaars because of the food area.  Yes, honestly speaking, that is also one of the major factors why I love going to bazaars is because of the Food Strip they have.  Sometimes the chunk of my expenses go to the food that I ate instead of the things that I have bought.

There might be entrance fees for these type of bazaars especially the ones situated in World Trade Center and Mega Trade Hall.  But these types of bazaars have promos too.  I got 10 free tickets to go to this Off the Price Bazaar last weekend but unfortunately I was not able to use it since I was busy last weekend.

If I heard it correctly, the entrance fee for Off the Price Bazaar was 100 pesos.  I think 100 pesos is already a big amount for entrance but they always have promos.  They either give the tickets for free or for a discounted price.

It is nice to go to Bazaars that are located inside a posh subdivision.  One reason is, they seldom have entrance fee like what I have mentioned earlier.  Second, most of the products they have are either from U.S. (or other countries) or food that you do not get to buy easily or not as that accessible if you go to supermarkets or shopping centers.

I really love going to bazaars because of the new things I can buy or taste.  Sometimes I finish my Christmas shopping from bazaars rather than the usual shopping malls.

If I have the time and enough resources, I would love to join and sell some items in bazaars because there will be a lot of people going there probably because of the convenience and the same reasons I have written here in my article.  I love selling even if sometimes I know that the money I will be getting from the items that I have sold will also go to buying food and other products that I see in the bazaar.  At least it is break even.

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  1. ahh this is right. it makes sense… You gave me an idea. hmmmmm… but probably next year I can do this, it is quite late now.


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