Give Your Gadget Some Rest

Have you read the news somewhere around the net about an android phone burned while it’s under a pillow? Yes you read it right! One of the articles in the net says that a girl put her mobile phone under her pillow in her bed while sleeping and suddenly smells something’s burning. The manufacturer of the mobile phone replaced the pillow,mattress and the phone unit.

There’s a lesson in this story don’t over use your phone. When you find it a little bit hot give it time to cool down.
-Don’t put your gadget under your pillow or anywhere that has no air this will also cause some over heat actions.
-Don’t use it while your charger is plugged and charging.
-Give it some time alone few minutes to hours so that it can rest it’s functions.
-More importantly don’t answer phone calls if your phone is almost drain and while chargning.

Keep safe on using gadgets 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Give Your Gadget Some Rest”

  1. These are some great tips in using gadgets. But I’m pretty sure the phone would have been defective. Or perhaps the phone was not really a good one to start with. But regardless, it pays to give our gadgets some time out. Plus it would do us god to unplug for a while.

  2. although it really a must of everyone to keep our gadgets “sane” for a few hours? so who is liable now from that accident? Should the customers assured of the safety of the item bought?


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