Getting Your Party On In 2020

Getting your party ready on in 2020

If your main aim for 2020 is to get back onto the party scene, you may be feeling a bit intimidated. Maybe you have recently broken up with your partner? Perhaps you have decided you simply want to get out more? No matter your situation, here are some great tips for getting your party on in 2020.

A good drinking game for 2020 – Flip Cup

Drinking games provide a fun way of getting the party started. You can make sure the drinks are flowing and that everyone is enjoying themselves. In fact, drinking games can also act as an excellent ice breaker for those that are going to a party in a group of friends whereby not everyone knows each other. 

There are of course lots of fun and entertaining drinking games out there for you to enjoy, including the likes of Beer Pong, California Kings and Quarters. Nevertheless, in this section, I am going to introduce you to Flip Cup. 

You may have heard of the Flip Cup game before but as a different name, such as Turbo, Taps, Cups or Flippy Cup. One of the reasons why it is such a popular game is because it involves a minimum of six people and thus it’s a perfect choice for club nights.

So, how does this drinking game work? It’s essentially a race. The number of players will be split up equally into two teams and the winner is the first team to finish the race. Here are some instructions on how to play…

  • There needs to be an even number of players, which should be split into two teams. 
  • One team needs to stand at one side of the table, whilst the other team must be opposite them. 
  • Each player has one ½ full keg cup placed in front of them.
  • Once the race begins the first player needs to chug their beer. 
  • The second player can only chug their beer once the first person has finished their beer and set their cup on the edge of the table and then flipped it onto its rim using one finger.
  • Once the second person has followed suit, the third person can do so, and so on and so forth until the last player has finished.
  • The winner is the first team that has all of their cups upside down.

Chatting up someone in a club – How to get it right 

If you ask anyone their opinion on the best place to pick up a girl they will say in a club. However, the truth is that this is often a lot easier said than done. Clubs can be frustrating when trying to meet someone. A lot of women don’t go clubbing to meet men and it can be difficult to know how to approach someone that has caught your eye. Thus, if you want to have the best chance of success, follow the step-by-step guide below…

1. Survey The Territory – The first thing you need to do is find a good location where you can look around and see all of the action. Take a look around the room to see if there is anyone that catches your eye. You should never stand in the corner. Make sure you are visible as well and centrally located.

2. Zero In On Your Target – You are likely to have noticed a few women that have caught your eye. How do you narrow down the selection? Well, it is always less daunting to go for a woman that is not surrounded by a large group of friends. Try and observe her discreetly before you make your move, as this may give you some cues for when you make a conversation with her later on in the evening.

3. Let Her Know That You Are Interested – You can let a girl know that you are interested by catching her eye and making eye-contact. Observe her reaction. This will give you a good indication as to whether she is interested. 

4. Don’t Waste Too Much Time – One of the biggest mistakes men make is overthinking it. Don’t waste time questioning whether you should go over. If she rejects you, so what! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. So, approach her before you talk yourself out of it. 

5. Enjoy The Moment – Once you have started to speak to the women in question make sure you are yourself and that you enjoy the moment. Keep the conversation light and do your best to make her laugh, without trying too hard of course. 

6. Offer The Buy The Girl A Drink – The final step in the process is offering to buy the girl a drink. You certainly need to make sure that you are the one putting your hand in your pocket so to speak. 

If things do escalate quickly and something does happen, it is so important to be careful and to educate yourself. Looking up the symptoms of chlamydia after a one night stand is something a lot of people have had to do. STIs like this are so much more common than most people realise, and so it is imperative to be careful. 

Dancing in a nightclub

Are you someone who feels a bit self-conscious when dancing in a club? Do you worry that you could be embarrassing yourself? You’re not alone. This is something a lot of people fret about, which is why I have put together this comprehensive guide for anyone wondering how to dance in nightclubs.

General tips for dancing in a nightclub

1. Don’t try anything too crazy – Not only will you appear uncoordinated and out of control, but you may end up with eyes on you for all of the wrong reasons.

2. Dance in the middle of the floor – Individuals that are dancing in clubs and are standing on the fringes of the dance floor tend to generate increased glances.

3. Move the lower half of your body and the upper half – A lot of people are guilty of simply focusing on one or the other.

4. Keep your elbows away from your body

5. Keep your head up and chin up 

6. Make it look like you are enjoying it, even if you are not

Learn to club dance with moves that work well

• Jitter Bug – This dance move is a traditional one that always works well. All you need to do is wag your fingers and move from side to side.

• Footwork – Getting your footwork right is important. You don’t want to look like you are glued to the spot all night. But, I know it is not always easy to move your feet. See the Heel Toe and Step Touch options below.

• Shimmy – This move is a great one, but it works well for women as opposed to men.

• Voguing – Have you tried voguing before? If not, you can use the famous 80’s Madonna hit, Vogue, for your inspiration.

• Step Touch – This is one of the easiest foot moves for you to use. All you have to do is move one foot to the side and then let your other foot follow. Repeat this to the rhythm.

• Heel Toe – This is another move involving your feet. It is a little more complicated than the Step Touch but it still works well. You simply need to pivot one foot onto its heel whilst the other is one its toe and repeat this.

Dance moves you should avoid when clubbing

• The Running Man – There are some dance moves that simply should not be attempted and this is one of them. The only time you can do the running man is if Ice, Ice Baby comes on.

• The Dice Roll – This dance move belongs in the movie Knocked Up alone. Don’t attempt to recreate this on the dance floor.

• Booty Dances – There is nothing wrong with incorporating a few ‘drop it like it’s hot moves’ but don’t spend the entire evening simply wiggling your bum and doing nothing else.

• Soulja Boy – There was a time when everyone would be doing the Soulja Boy dance to the song that made it famous. However, you should not hear this song in the clubs anymore, and thus you definitely shouldn’t be doing the accompanying dance.

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